593: Until the Water Runs Clear

My partner and I watched a documentary the other night about Ed Sheeran. It was really cool to see his creative process as a songwriter. One thing he said in particular that stood out was basically even if he writes a song that he knows is no good, he still writes it and completes is as a point of getting it out of himself. He compared it to an old tap running dirty water... initially, all the gunk and grossness comes out when first opening up the tap then slowly but surely the clean water starts coming out as well until eventually the gunk is all out and what is left is clean, clear water.

I could relate to that with a couple new projects I've started working on in the last few months and also with these blogs actually. I have been publishing writings for more than 8 years and on this channel specifically for at least 6 years and I can see all the blogs I've written that I thought were just terrible.... unspecific, not grounded, all over the place, what I would define as a hot mess... there is a bunch of those but for me, every time I read something that I didn't really like, I still published it because I had this point within me of "this is a process... this is about self-development" and just because I may not like it, doesn't mean it's not supporting me or better yet, someone else. And if nothing else, it shows the journey and process I've walked to be where and who I am now. And I'm grateful for that journey.

So it was a cool point to consider that starting out with writing, or doing anything creative, initially it may be no good. Chances are it probably won't be your best, but doesn't mean it won't get better. It may be a while before it's anything you are satisfied with is, but it doesn't take away the value it has in terms of the development and practice you are getting. And just like a dirty old tap... let the water run, let all the shit come out... drain the pipes, start expressing, get it flowing and be patient for the clean water to come through. The point is to no longer allow that dirty water to stay inside of you... stop suppressing and keeping it contained... get it out, release it, and let an expression that is unique for us each to finally flow.

So there is no need for judgment or self-doubt when starting something new, getting more creative, working with other people on a new project, developing a new skill... initially there may be a lot of gunk to get out or simple that it will take some actions, determination, and consistency on your part to keep it moving/flowing. Just keep at it until the water to runs clear.

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