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412: People Paranoia: Interpreting another's Experience

Have you ever had that experience where you KNOW what another person is thinking, or feeling, or experiencing? And from this KNOWING, you direct yourself in a certain way?

Or really, it's not even about you directing yourself, when one interprets how another is experiencing themselves, one then is influenced by this interpretation. Which really is just an assumption.

Let me explain a bit better.

Recently I've noticed this point within me of where I will assume to know what another it thinking and feeling and experiencing. And what is most interesting about this assumption/interpretation is that it is always in relation to Me. Where I think I know how one is experiencing themselves in relation to me, and from this, will be influenced by this idea or interpretation of what I think I know they are experiencing in relation to me.

Sounds kind of like a mess, doesn't it? Well it is.

What I was supported to see today was that when I interpret what another person is thinking or f…

411: Overreacting - Making a Big Fuss about the Little Things

I just finished listening to an EQAFE Recording, 2013 - The Future Of Consciousness - Overreacting - There's More than Meets the Eye - part 28, and it was quite a timely recording as I could relate so much to what was being discussed.

The recording was talking about how when we're having reactions towards someone or something in our external environment, there is usually something behind or within the reaction; that it's not actually about what we are having a reaction about, but that there's a deeper issue not being addressed. Though sometimes it can be specifically about what you are reacting towards, often times there is some bigger issue buried deep within ourselves that we are not willing to face.

I could relate to it in that this past week I have been busy looking for a job, without a lot of feedback coming my way. Hardly any responses, and in this, felt worried and concerned about not being able to find a job before 'it's too late' or rather, before…

410: Cat Punching Page Removed from Facebook... It Can't Stop There

Cat Punching.

I had not actually heard about such a thing. That this was actually a page on Facebook, promoting or showcasing such a thing as punching cats.
What I saw when researching a bit about it was that it was something that happened back in February and was a Facebook page created called “Valentines Day Event – Cat Punching”. There was an uproar about it and people demanded it be removed, which it was.
What I find most interesting about this is, yes, of course, animal abuse is absolutely atrocious, and yes of course, it should in no way be glorified or accepted for that matter, and so such a page should be removed. But to me what is most interesting is that 20,000 people can rally together, and act as a group, using the collect will and force to inflict awareness and demand a change in relation toward a particular point, yet when it comes to things that happen daily, which includes animal abuse, in the Real World, our group efforts cease to exist.
It’s like because we are so fond o…