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We don't need God when there is Equality

Why do we believe in God? In a form 'higher then ourselves'? A power greater then us?

All people believe in some from of
greater being. Why? Why do we allow this?

Is it Hope that theres something better for us - that this LIfe is just temporary - it's not real, that the real life is with god in the 'afterlife'?

Why do we accept this belief? This lie that we make up in our minds. Maybe if we lived in a world where there was no need to survive, all was given for LIfe - such as food and water and shelter. If we lived in a System that supported EveryONE to be Here equally - where it didn't matter where you are from or how much money you have or dont have.

The simple fact that You are HERE - gives you a right to LIFE. To live. To be provided for.

If we lived in such a world - we would not need a belief in a god - of something greater - of a mystery we are trying to solve... wiating to see who is right and just holding on till we find out.

We would be LIVING Here…

There are many Breaths in just 1 Day

Breathe in.... Breathe out.

Today was cool and allowed me to realize something cool about myself.

Over a year ago - I would be one that would wake up quick - go to work - come home, exhausted, end up taking a 'nap' which would last at least 3 or 4 hours, and then end up watching tv, or going out to the bars or trying to find something to do to 'fiil' in my time.

Today - this is not who I am anymore. Today I have a reason and a purpose to do what I do. I no more see the reason or purpose to just 'move' through my day, attempting to find things to fill the gap. Today I actually feel llke I'm living.

I worked this morning - and when I got home, I saw there were things that needed to get done.
Grocery shopping. Check. Since I've moved - I have wanted to start a compost pile. So - instead of continuously telling myself that, "I will do that... soon", I just did it. What better time then the present. So - cleaned it out and got it prepared for …