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377: What to Realize When your Mind Seems More Active

Continuing on the series I am walking currently with the Atlantean Interivews in relation to Giving up, specifically the second interview in this series, "Giving Up: Understanding" - there was a second part I wanted to touch on in this blog.

The first part was in relation to the trust and belief we place into our minds/our thoughts/how we speak internally to ourselves (back chats) and you can see the self-forgiveness process I walked in relation to that specific point in my previous blog.

Here though a point I would like to discuss, which was mentioned in this second interview from the Atlanteans is in relation to the tsunami that we can experience within our minds when facing specific points.

First - an example for context:

When I first started investigating Desteni and the tools of breathing, writing, self forgiveness and self-corrective application I found, not to long after applying these tools, a flood of reactions coming up within my mind. I noticed just how busy my m…

376: Trusting my thoughts to Give Up

Continuing on with the series of blogs I have been walking with the support of the Eqafe interview by the Atlanteans, 'Giving Up' - here I am going into the second interview in the series titled, "Giving Up: Understanding."

The first part in this interview was looking at the trust and faith we give to our minds, specifically the back chats, or voices in our head that basically tell us who we are and how we 'should' react to something. We define ourselves so much as our minds, we never stop and question whether that is in fact who we are. Of course we don't question it, because we have accepted it as part of ourselves, we are 'thinking beings', we follow the thoughts in our mind, we trust the words we speak to ourselves, and we don't for a minute think that maybe there is something beyond that, or within that that is the real essence of our beingness - our presence.

So the following self-forgiveness is specifically for this acceptance and allowan…

375: How We Justify Giving Up on Each Other

Here I'm continuing walking the EQAFE'sAtlantean Series, 'Giving Up.' I suggest to read my previous blog for context.

The first part, or first dimension of this particular 'giving up' outflow was when one has a negative reaction to a particular event/situation in one's life, which is what you can read in my previous blog.

The following is the Self-forgiveness in relation to the 2nd dimension or part 2 of the initial phase of activating the 'giving up' system, which is the back chat/voices in the head that we participate in that fuel the giving up decision, where we began justifying why it's okay for us to give up; the reasons and excuses we give ourselves to take that particular direction/path/road.

I forgive myself  that I have accepted and allowed myself to react negatively to my initial negative reaction to the change in another's interaction with me as the back chat of “it’s too much”

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself …