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413: Bears and Babies - How we Force Others to Change Instead of Changing Ourselves

I've been looking at an interesting point the last few days:

Where I live is outside any major city... about 2 hours north of Vancouver. I live in Whistler, a ski/mountain resort town in the middle of the mountains off of the West Coast in British Colombia, Canada. Quite a different environment from where I grew up, which was Minneapolis. A major city in the mid-west of the US, where we lived in specifically designed neighborhoods with re-planted trees along the blocks that somewhat shielding you from your neighbor’s upstairs windows. In that, were alleyways. And in these alleyways is where you would put all your trash accumulated in your house. You put your trash in a bag, you put the bag into your own little dumpster in the back of your house, and once a week the garbage man comes to collect it.
That is not how it rolls here in Whistler. We live along side the bears and so no way can you leave trash sitting out waiting for someone to pick it up. To think, you have to actually …