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449: Giving Yourself Purpose

Growing up I had in a way purpose already laid out for me. I was told I would be an actress or in the entertainment industry. I always just accepted this idea, never really questioned it, as I ‘thought’ this was also something I wanted. I went to acting classes, modeling classes, different acting retreats to LA and Las Vegas. I had resumes, and comp cards and a portfolio. As I got older and into my twenties I started going more actively on auditions and even getting jobs here and there – a commercial, a couple runway shows, and a hair show. After awhile of this I decided it wasn’t really something I actually wanted to do – though while I was in it, I thought I could really make a name for myself, and use that position to bring awareness to the world about things that really mattered. I wouldn't abuse my position of power, I would use it as a force of good for the world.

But then I decided against it because ultimately I felt as though I was chasing a dream that wasn't mine, a…

448: Money on My Mind and DIP Pro

Recently I saw some reactions surface within me that I had not seen in quite some time.... well, I did not see them within me per se, but I have seem them recently.

Let me explain.

I am currently walking the Desteni I Process Pro Course, and currently am busy with walking a Money Mind Construct. If you don't know what a Mind Construct is I suggest you read and investigate the Desteni Material for a more comprehensive understanding. Though I will say it's basically a direct look at ALL the memories existing within you in relation to a particular point, so for my case it's money at the moment, and ALL the feelings, emotions, ideas, beliefs, self-definitions, perceptions, ect you've created about yourself and that point (money), and essentially supports you to align yourself to an equal relationship with that point (money) so that you are no longer enslaved , limited, or influenced by your past (memories of money), and rather are directive within who you are in relation …

447: Trust Your Movement, not your Experience

Today I did not want to move physically. I had been up for a couple hours, doing the normal morning routine, and it was time to move onto the ‘afternoon activities’, and I found myself in a state of tiredness and feeling lethargic. Based on this experience, I didn’t want go do much, and definitely did not want to go with my partner to his suggested activity for the day. Though I agreed. And of course, as soon as I got up, started moving physically, and was out and about, that experience of being tired and not wanting to do anything was gone.

This is often the case, and shows how you cannot always trust your experience. What you can trust, and should more focus on, is the physical actions… that shows you what is real. If I would have got up, and out and was moving myself, and the experience was still there, then perhaps it’s something to investigate more. Though when you move yourself, and that seemingly real experience of being tired and sloth-like just poof, disappears, then it wasn…