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424: Re-Writing the Script to Success

The following is self-corrective and commitment statements made in relation to the previous blog. The point of this is to decide who I am the next time a moment comes up where I use my past against me, or where I'm using positive energy to direct me - to decide for ME what it means to be/live/express success.

When and as I see myself expecting things to just move, magically, and in an instant, I stop and I breathe. I see, realize and understand that this expectation exist within a definition I’ve given to the word success, and that it does not in fact work that way in physical reality. I commit myself to practice daily application as consistency, discipline, and self-movement that will accumulate a habit, or change, or skill that will support in living the word success in my life.

When and as I see myself existing within hope, as in hoping my life is successful, I stop and I breathe. I see, realize, and understand that hope has no basis in reality as it takes actual physical movem…

423: When the Energy Runs Out

Continuing with opening the word Success - how I've defined it and lived it throughout my life.

I have a memory in my life, in my early twenties, where I become quite obsessed with the idea of making money. I was full of desire, and wanted an escape from my life, and I thought if I invested a lot of money in this specific course, I would be able to do just that. I spent one weekend at a seminar, and over $1000 on material, and a few weeks to follow of research for something that did not play out as I expected.

The desire to succeed, which was really the desire for more money/financial freedom was the motivation, though I did not at that stage understand what it actually takes to create something – I simply just wanted results NOW.

After not getting what I was expecting, thinking if I just threw enough money, and had certain material, things would just work out for me – though of course that is now how it works, and I simply gave up. The energy as the desire depleted and I was l…

422: I Suck at Success!


I’ve never had a relationship to this word. Or well, perhaps I have, the it’s been of one of separation. What do I mean by separation? Success was never a word I could relate to, or one that I ever thought I lived. It seemed so far off – away from who and what and how I am – as if to exist in some other part of reality that I was not a part of.

And now I find myself venturing into a new direction for work and this is a point emerging that exists in conflict. The work/business is that to produce success – not just for myself, but for others as well, yet how can I possibly do that if I’ve never been able to even relate to the word?

So I will here sort out how I’ve defined the word and define it new for myself, one that I can relate to and one that I can practically live, and thus support others to live as well.

Though, let’s go back to the beginning.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve never been able to relate to the word success, it just didn’t exist in my reality – it was no where in …

421: Karma - Leaving a Mark in the World


First thing I saw when looking at this word was ‘a mark’. So when you move the letters around, there exists ‘a mark’. And that is also essentially how one can look at the word and it’s definition. Karma is the mark you leave within this world – it’s the wake you leave behind wherever you go. It is how you influence the world around you, it is the mark you leave.

Now growing up, I always saw or defined the word karma as something you get back to you – whether you are good or bad, whatever happens to you, is your karma. It’s like the mark you leave in this world comes right back at you. Another way I’ve heard it said is, ‘what comes around, goes around’.

And now what's interesting about this is how, growing up, this word was always placed in the context of spite. Like ‘they will get what’s coming to them” or “karma’s a bitch”. Lol – always based within a reaction towards someone. Like if you disliked how a person behaved, or you felt personally attacked by someone, or just fel…