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668: The Real Deal

Written on January 1, 2020
One of my goals this year is also a good explanation at why there are inconsistencies with my sharing via blogs, vlogs, and in general social media posting. 
When things are 'well' - when I feel relatively stable and clear-minded or happy even, it's easy to share and it's easy to rant and rave about the benefits of self-will and self-directiveness. 
When I am having major reactions, or I'm more emotional and can't seem to find my footing - I go silent. In this case, my silence is loud in expressing that I'm having a challenging time. 
So for the year to come my goal is to push through the challenging times and create more of a consistency in my sharings. I think one of the downfalls and cons of social media is that we often share the pretty picture, the nice sunset, the vacation shot that looks like another day in our day to day living and so everyone starts to think these picture-perfect moments are the majority of our life. When…