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My Trip to the Desteni Farm

It's been almost 2 years since I have started participating with Desteni. For anyone who doesn't know who/what Desteni is - it is a Group of Individuals Coming together within this World, within the Principle of Equality and Oneness. We, as a Group, Stand Up and Stand for and Stand as Life. We consider that what currently exists as the expression of Humanity on Earth.... is definitely not what it could be. There is much suffering, much pain. There is abuse and war and exploitation. There is rape and murder and no trust between humans. There is the illusion of Love and the charade of Life upheld with an imaginary toy. Money. So together, We Destonians, come together to look at ways to change the current Human Experience. As we realize we are the Creators. We, as a Group, as a Whole, have accepted and allowed what exists on Earth to be what is It. Therefore it's up to us to change it. And so we first look at who we are, within ourselves, and apply tools of practical change, …

Process Support: Manipulating Dishonesty with Strangers Part 2


Process Support: Manipulating Dishonesty with Strangers


Are you Waiting for the Showering of the Universe?

"The more that I appreciate and show gratitude, the more the Universe showers on me." This is an age old lie - that is perpetuated in many different forms. Through Christianity, within the Belief, if I give myself to a 'savior' I will be 'saved'. More Recently it has been presented within the Secret and the 'Law of Attraction'. Abraham Hicks - and many other channels sells this stuff to keep people blind and bind to their ignorance. Simply - within this Statement, stand in the shoes of another. How about another this exists in Poverty, in a society without Money - where they have to scrap and sell themselves to feed themselves. Would this statement Apply to them? So, Standing EQUAL as a child in Africa, that is one of millions without food or clean water, can I say to myself - "The more I appreciate and how Gratitude, the more the Universe showers on Me" First I would say - what the Hell am I to be grateful for? For this suffering? Fo…

Responding to "The Mind is not the Enemy"

Here is a response I made to a youtube user sharing the perspective that, although he agrees with the Point of Equality - he did not agree with, what he claims to be what desteni says, "the Mind is the Enemy" Here is what he wrote: Hey You're a great person, thanks for being my friend. Just wanted to share my perspective on Desteni with you and see what you think. I stumbled upon videos made by Desteni Productions about a year ago and I was really intrigued. They have some very unique perspectives. They stumbled upon some interesting information, but I'm not sure they know what they have stumbled upon or how to work with it properly. I like that they bring everything back to the Self. It's true: everything is about the Self. So, that's a correct/true point that Desteni makes. They also stand for Equality for All, which is great. Equality is an important point. I admire them for that. However, one of Desteni's main points is to negate or "bypa…

Breathing and Meditation - is there a Difference?

What is the difference between Breathing and Meditating? One might say - nothing, they are one and the same. Are they? What is Meditation? When I first began practicing meditation - it was because I had read that it was a way to 'calm the mind'. To become centered and silent within. I also learned about through psychic development classes I had taken (LOL - sounds silly to me now!). We were taught to focus on our breathing, to take deep breaths and to just quiet this mind. This would then allow for us to become 'in-tune' with our bodies, and be able to open ourselves up to a 'higher realm', or whatever term you want to use. It was suggested to allow the thoughts to pass like clouds in the sky - seeing them, but not reacting to them, or not following them. To just remain with the breath. It was a cool exorcise at the time, however, realizing what I have now realized about the Mind - I see it was not an actual solution and did not address the truth about the …

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