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Process Update - Standing Up for Self Honesty

Process Update

I have faced many challenges within my agreement - ones that have pushed me to consider what is means to be Self Honest - and to Stand Up to What is Best for All.

I have always considered myself to be 'passive'. Which I can see has only been me within supression - in not wanting to Stand up for myself or my self honesty.

Finally - I was placed within a position where my self honesty was challeneged. And while it was 'easier' to be passive and 'go with the flow' - I was only supression myself and allowing abuse within myself and another. I then said No more. I cannot deny myself the right to Self Honesty. I saw a point of deception within me and another - and despite the outcome, I had to Stand Up. Without Fear, I stand Up. And the outcome was unaccepted. It allowed another the support I was offering myself. Equal and One.

When one supports oneself to Change - Support for others exist as well.

When one pushes oneself to be more then has been ac…

"Heaven is a Fairytale for those Afraid of the Dark"

This statement was recently made in an interview by Stephen Hawkins - a physicist.

He goes on to say that the Human brain is simply a computer and that when the components run out - it shuts down. "There is no heaven or afterlife for a browkdown computer"

Which is fascinating - if one have a Self Honest look at how we as Humans 'operate'. We are machines, programmed and condition to have a specific perspective, which we believe is our 'uniqueness' - yet we are merely copies of DNA transferred from past generations.

More specifically - this idea that there is a Heaven - a place 'waiting for us' for when we die.

This would imply we are not satisfied with where we are now. And the fact that Death exists - we desire to explain the purpose and reason of LIfe and why we are Here.

Suppose we would not have to do this - if Life was actually Lived and not just the Fear of Survival. Currently - this is how we experience ourselves, whether we have acknowledge…

The 13th Floor

Today, while working a job - I was taken to an office building with 16 floors. I was going to the top. While on the ride upwards - I noticed that the floors went from 12 to 14. Hmm.. where was the 13th floor? Immediately - I assumed it was because of this black cloud that hangs over the number 13 - but thought no way this is actually why there is no 13th floor. Perhaps it's a mechanical floor?

On my way down - there were 2 other women with me in the elevator. I asked them why they thought there was not a 13th floor available for access. They told me - superstitions. Apparently it's common for buildings with more then 13 floors to 'skip' the 13th floor.

Seriously? So I did a little research and found out that this has been an accepted 'norm' since the early 1940s. Because of this superstitions about the number 13 being unlucky - tenants will either skip allowing this floor to be accessed, use it as a mechanical floor - or will label it Floor M.

Anyone else see t…

Honesty vs Self Honesty

What is the difference? Besides one has the word Self with it.

This is the difference - one is Self - the other, is the person we pretend to be. The personality we were taught to be. Our apparent uniqueness.

Honesty is telling someone the 'truth' because you fear the consequences if you don't.

Self Honesty - is seeing the 'starting point' for 'why' you are wanting to tell the truth - and knowing that if you are doing it our of fear.

Honesty is something that it taught - something that is told as being 'right'.

Self Honesty - is see what is actually Here - without judgment. Without creating a polarity by saying some is right - or something is wrong.

Self Honesty is an expression - a Living Statement of Self. Which is birthed from knowing thyself.

Honesty - is within Morality - by what society says to be 'right or wrong'.

Self Honesty - is Seeing the truth of ourselves. Of asking ourselves why we do what we do. Why we believe what we believe. …

Positive Seekers are the Real Decievers

I know first hand. As I once gave myself up to just another Belief System of this World.

The Secret is - 'The Secret' has been around for centuries - yet this time it is packaged in a nice colored bundle that makes you think your getting a taste of something so grand.

It is a Grand Deception.

The Law of Attraction - Positive Thinking - Creating through Visualisation - is all part of the same trap to keep you exising in Self Interest.

When I first came across the whole idea of Law of Attraction - I was in a position of looking for the Meaning to Life - the Meaning to my existence. I wanted to know the purpose and reason for me being here - and how come it's 'so hard'. The Secret gave me all I wanted. It suggested that I could create a Reality that is Best for Me. That if I changed my thinking - and my attitude - and thought enough about something then I would 'attract' it into my Reality. I would be 'creating' this. Yet - here we can see that 'at…