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386: Making Up My Own Mind about Death

The following are self-corrective statements made in relation to the two previous blogs I've written in relation to a resistance, that revealed a fear, which implied a separation from life and living. The corrective statements are a script one write for oneself, deciding who one will be in specific moments of one's life, within oneself, and making that decision within self-awareness and self-honesty.

In the previous blog I did mention considerations I would share in this blog in relation to a vlog from Desteni about Death. I will share that in the next blog.

So - onto the Correction and Change!

When and as I see myself within an experience of resistance, specifically in relation to listening to the Death Research recordings on Eqafe, I stop and I breathe. I see, realize, and understand that the resistance experience to not listen is a form of an energetic experience triggered through my participation in thoughts and back chats and so I commit myself to not simply accept and allow…

385: What a Fear of Death Reveals

Following yesterday's blog with some self-forgiveness:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to resist the fear of death existing within and as me, as revealed through my resistance towards listening to the death research series on eqafe

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think and believe that because I am writing about facing my fear of death, and walking a process to embrace death as a reality of this world, that that means I am going to die and to within this, fear it – fear I am creating my own death through writing about it

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not yet realize that to fear Death is to be of the Mind, as the Mind is a program that has a beginning and an end when real Life and Living is simply HERE, it is constant and stable, has always been here and so to fear death is to be of the Mind and to be life is to simply LIVE and so I forgive myself that I have not taken responsibility for the mind I am …

384: The Reality of Death

Currently I, as many others (including you), have access to information that is unlike anything else in this world. The insights, clarity, and astounding support that comes from this source is so unbelievably life supporting, my life has been forever, gratefully, changed from it.

What am I talking about? It is a website that has a slew of recordings, interviews and videos explaining, in specific detail, every aspect of life on Earth. It is a constant stream of information that, in it's nature, offers solutions to potentially every situation one could possibly find themselves in in this world, and how within applying the tools and applications suggested, one can open themselves up to the true potential of Life on Earth and Life as themselves.

One series specifically though that I have resisted since they started being published is the Death Research recordings. This is quite an interesting series of recordings, as similar to the Life Review, where beings come through to…

383: Relationship Support: How to Stop Squandering our Potential

After communicating with my partner a few weeks back, I had this experience of guilt and regret come up. I could see clearly this was in relation to who I have been accepting and allowing myself to be in relation to my partner, or when in communication/interaction with him. Around that time I had been what I defined as 'moody' - where I was not particularly satisfied or in some way annoyed or bothered by something, and instead of taking responsibility, directing myself and my own experience and thus NOT allowing it to direct me or how I express myself moment to moment, I rather projected this unto my partner in how I communicated with him.

It was like it's 'his fault' and he's doing something wrong and he should be the one to fix it. Now obviously I know this is not actually the case - whatever my problem is, is just that, MY problem. Though - how easy it becomes to, in relationships, blame and project our own (inner)stuff unto our partner/relationships.

So no…

382: Minding the Life Force

An interesting question came up within me while listening to part two of the Atlantean's 'Mind Tiredness vs Physical Tiredness' recording. It was this: How is it possible that one can become physically tired or exhausted from just thinking? It's an interesting question because within the act of 'thinking' one is not physically moving, or in any way physically active. Yes - one can be physically active or moving while one is thinking, yet how can thinking as an act alone cause one to become physically tired? Seems to not make sense, right? I mean one is just thinking - one is not moving their legs, or arms, or moving in such a way where their heart rate is increasing. Thinking seemingly uses no physical energy to be exerted in order to do the act - and yet, how many times have we heard that we are tired from 'too much thinking' or similarly the statement, 'I'm emotionally exhausted'?

What can one then gather from this consideration? That the a…