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2011: "You are the Reason I feel this way" - WTF?

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
~ Maya Angelou

I'm here to suggest that Maya Angelou is mistaken... as there is no consideration of self and responsibility. To say that 'someone made me feel this way' is saying, 'it's their fault that I experience myself the way that I do'. Its like taking things personally - and that is always ego. And ego is evil as it exist in self interest and that self is 'never wrong'. Or that we have no control on how others 'make' us feel.

I know this is crap because to say that someone 'makes' you feel a certain way just expose our nature of being slaves. Slaves to each other, to our emotions and feelings - slaves to our thoughts and judgments and blame. We are slaves in not taking self responsibility for what Exists within OURSELVES - because we accept we have no control. There is not direction of ourselve…

Education/School - Just do It

I just finished my first of two finals for the first semester at college. This is actually my second attempt of achieving a 'higher education' - yet something is different this time. Me. I am different. The school and the classes are the same - yet who I am within the school and classes has changed.

When I made my first attempt at school 2 years ago - it was within the starting point of 'this is what I Have to do'. "I'm not doing anything so why not" "I feel bad about myself, I graduated 7 years ago - what am I doing with my Life." It was a decision made out of fear - fear of failing - of not 'doing what I'm suppose to do' - it was within wanting to 'be better'. I was full of reasons for going back to school - and none were within self honesty or best for all interest. It was based in self interest, self image and all things dishonest. After just a month of classes - I was accepting and allowing all sorts of thoughts of reas…