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2012: pASSive re-SIT-Stance

What is passive resistance - in relation to this world?
Passive Resistance is saying, "I don't like what I see in this world - so I'm not going to do anything - I am going to sit here idly and not support anything in this world - because I don't agree with it. So ha - take that all - my stance is sitting on my ass and not doing anything about anything"

TO sum it up - most people within the 'stance' of passive resistance as a solution to this world - are in complete separation of who they really are and what their responsibilities is within this world. Through judgments of what we 'dislike' in this world - we believe we are better then others/corporations/groups because we 'see' more then they do and thus separate ourselves from all parts involved.

Passive resistance is like complete abdication of self responsibility within this world - as it implies that those who are 'passively resisting' are not responsible for that point and …

2012: Fears = Self Interest

An interesting point I realized within walking FEARS

They are ALWAYS based within Self Interest. Whether it's fear of others opinions of me, fear of a tree falling on my house - or fear of something happening to me - it's always about me. About my experience - about my feelings, about how I will react or do react.

Fear is just another way we allow ourselves to exist within self interest - and not consider the whole. While we are busy within our own fears of our own survival - we fail to see the bigger picture that shows each and everyone of our fears manifesting. We fail to see what we are creating.

So cool to walk through fears - facing the fears we have, as it is a way we take self responsibility for ourselves as this world.

And for those that say.... "I don't fear anything" I call your bluff and dare you to be self honest. It is the best gift you can give to yourself as well as getting to a point of realizing what is Best for All.

Investigate yourself... K…

2012: How FEAR WEEK is supporting Me

This week we as Destonians have began exposing and sharing ourselves within fears we have had throughout our lives.

Some of them are funny - just the few I have shared.. I have laughed talking through it - because seeing it now, realizing fear is always self created and allowed, it's just funny to see what kind of things we allow to exist within us, such as fear.

Many Destonians have taken on this point.. and a couple of points I want to make about this project.

-Many of us, as Human beings, experience the exact same fears. This is a point of equality - how we believe within ourselves we are so different, so isolated, so distant and unlike each other - yet when we are able to be self honest.. we can see just how much we are a like - just how much equality actually exists.

-Another cool point about this Project is once I speak about this fear... it's like it looses it's power it had over me. Whether the fear was major or slight, once it is brought up and out and is spoken …

2012: How I lived the word 'stranger' - Facing/Forgiving/Correcting

I was going for a walk the other night. It was after 7 and the sun was already down. I do this every once and awhile.. but this time my experience was much different. I was full of fear. Immediately – as I started walking – I kept having thoughts about someone attacking me or hurting me or following me. I breathed through this knowing the experience was self created – but I’m going to investigate it further here.

As I was walking down one of the blocks – there was a car about 2 or 3 blocks ahead of me that stopped at the corner and just sat their idling. Immediately the thoughts came up, “they are waiting for me, what if they run out of the car after me, they are waiting for me to get closer to come after me…” because of these thoughts, I allowed myself to act out of fear and turn the corner so that I wouldn’t walk by them, instead I turned and walked away from them.

I know there is no reason for me to have such a fear – yet it has been programmed into me since a child. “Beware of …

2012: "I forgive myself... I forgive myself..."

Before I came across Desteni - I had placed myself in a peculiar situation in my Life.

At the time, I was in a relationship of over 2 years. We both were placed in a peculiar situation where a decision had to be made.

I made my choice.. and he made his. We were in disagreement. It was easy for him to 'talk me out of it' and I, in the end, decided to go along with his decision.

It was a decision I would later regret... and this is where I found Self Forgiveness.

It was almost or just over a year since me and my boyfriend made a decision within our relationship that altered it's course forever. If we had chose to go the other route - things would be much different. However, we didn't, and here I was... hating myself. Constantly thinking about what I did within the decision we made - how much I regretted it and thinking about what would be if I chose the other way.

Constantly these thoughts came up - over and over and over again.. and I could not stop myself from thi…