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420: Change is a Process

To wrap up the previous points within my self forgiveness and self corrective statements and commitments to change this point, I’ve realized or was reminded of the following.

Like with anything that is new, or unfamiliar, or that you don’t have experience with, there can be fear. It’s like the fear of the unknown, or actually the matter of having to change, or learn something new, or try something different, different from how you’ve always been, or lived, or done things. So with this point of the fear of standing at a computer station at work that was suggested to have higher traffic, it was a fear of making a mistake, because I am new to the job, and the responsibilities, and while I was learning everything about how to do the job, I had a fear of having more contact with the guests and actually more experience with potential situations that may come up during the job. So while in essence, or from one perspective, it’s clear to see that that would be the place one would want to stan…