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539: Who are You in Your Expectation of Others?

A couple months ago we got a ton of snow in our area, and left our vehicles buried, with us requiring to shovel them out. There are four of us living in our house, using the driveway, and when only my partner and I were shoveling it out, I went into some reactions about the other two who also use the driveway.

For me it revealed expectations I have towards others, that I don't necessarily live myself. And wanting others to 'follow the rules' as per some law or guidelines, instead of giving more value to the principles in which we guide ourselves, as individuals, instead of needing something external to 'show  us the way'.

Definitely things to reflect on for myself - taking the reaction back to myself in seeing the real issue I have was ME, not anyone else. If each can stand within such a position, taking responsibility for THEMSELVES - man, what a world that would be.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to always look at others to blame for my…

538: Some Piece of Me

A little free writing rant on the word Peace.

When I look at the word peace, I see the word piece. It's an obvious association I'm sure for many simply due to the sound of the words being the same. Though perhaps there is more to it...

Peace for me does not exist when I am scattered throughout my mind, and this implies usually I am scattered throughout my reality. If I'm stuck in the past as memories, or desiring an outcome as some future projection, I am separated from my self HERE. In this moment. As this breath. And so I am not in/as peace, I am in/as pieces.

These pieces of ourselves we scatter throughout our mind are parts of ourselves we have separated ourselves from. We have one foot in the past, one in the future, and we completely miss out on the opportunity, and potential of what is HERE, right in front of us. No wonder so many are in disarray, or feeling overwhelmed, or even more, "all over the place" - it's because we actually are! We are not sta…