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Can you Lead?

So an interesting point came up today while I was at work.

Currently - I work as a server in a restaurant. There was 8 other people serving with me tonight, yet I was a 'closer'. So I was in one of the sections that stays on till close. It is a 'leadership' role - that entails ensuring all work is completed - during and after the shift, well in regards to stocking supplies we needs during the shift, and at the end of the night, making sure the place looks nice and ready for the next day.

Well - we have recently added new 'running side work' for everyone during the shift. We all get placed on a board and are assigned to a specific task throughout the night. For example, one person will keep the ice bins full all night, another will make sure cups are stock, another will stock plates and silverware, and etc. My name was not on the board - and neither was the other closer. So I was like, what am I suppose to do?

Apparently - the closers 'job' is to ensure…

We Write

Having let go of this writing process - for no other reason but excuses, I wanted to bring myself back here, push and remind myself Why I am Here. (as writing these blogs).

It is simple.

It is too easy to get lost in the World - through what we are shown on television and the media, and in through social circles and just everyday life. We are constantly told who to be, how to act, what is acceptable and what is not.

I myself, as a Member of Desteni - group of Individuals coming together to bring about Real Change for All in this World, apply specific tools to 'correct' ourselves. Because as we can see - as this Whole World is showing us - we have failed. No - no judgments - yet Self is required to take Responsibility.

So why do we write? We write to expose ourselves. We write to expose this World. We write to see who we are as the WORDS we speak - think - live. TO see if they are in fact worthy of LIfe - Equal as LIfe - here. We write to support ourselves. We write to support…

Breathe, Live, Forgive, Let Go

We have 2 choices in every moment - every moment we breathe.

We either continue to carry the weight of the past, use it as a way to carry anger and hate and prejudices and excuses...

Or we Stand Up, take a Breath and Realize every moment is New and deserves the right to be new. To be free. To be without the burdens of the past.

To perpetuate the same - or Start a new.

To hide in blame - or to breathe, Live Forgive and Let go.

Give yourself the Gift of Life.

Allow yourself to Let go.

Forgiveness, SELF Forgiveness is the Only Way.

Give yourself Back to yourself. - the Solution to Self - the Solution to the World - take the Red Pill