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381 - Sleep Much? Consider this...

I'm going to continue on with the support from the Atlanteans, though this time in relation to Mind Tiredness vs Physical Tiredness.

I have been facing this point of 'sleeping' and 'naps' within my process for quite some time, and while for a bit I was not napping or sleeping unnecessary, it seems I have fallen back into the pattern and see the consequence it can create in my own life in terms of the time I'm giving to sleeping, as well as what I am actually accepting and allowing within myself in such a pattern of naps.

And so I went to the Atlanteans for support. There is a two part recording on this specific topic, and so tonight's blog I will touch on the points mentioned within that interview, which of course, already shed some light/perspective on what is actually going on in 'wanting to sleep' and how I can begin to change myself, beginning with starting to understand myself within sleeping/napping.

The first point that came through in the in…

380: How To Prevent Regret and The Gift within Not Giving Up

To bring a close to the series of blogs I've been writing - tonight I will write about the potential of self within not giving in to the 'giving up' experience, and a bit about the point of regret.

Recently I was asked to Host a Live Google Hangout within the Desteni Community. While there were resistances and fears coming up within me, I knew this was something that would be of support for me within my own process, meaning - a point for me to expand, to face myself as my fears, and to practice the act of "public speaking", or in general, speaking on camera. So in general, and practically speaking, it was something I saw as an opportunity and knew I would go for it. I mean really, it was like silly for me not to, as there was nothing physically real suggestion that I couldn't or shouldn't, despite the energetic experience that said 'Noooooo!'

So while I was preparing myself and all the other elements related to the hangout, an interesting point emer…

379: How to Stop Emotions from Taking Over

Continuing on with the fourth recording of the series about the point of Giving Up I've been listening to by the Atlantean's, it's all about the practical support and assistance we can give to ourselves to no longer simply play out or act out the pattern of giving up, and instead rather direct ourselves through it, and in that, actually expand ourselves as who we are in relation to that particular thing and see or rather LIVE the potential within us.

For me the most supportive point was to realize how that giving up really is simply an emotional reaction, and so like any emotional reaction I face, the corrective application to support myself within such a moment of facing it is to stop and breathe, and in that, stand up within/as my physical body - where instead of completely allowing the mind as the emotional reaction to take over, to instead breathe within/as my body, ground myself in the moment HERE and so my physical environment and to stabilize any reactions that may b…

378: Instead of Giving Up - Embrace Change in the Challenge

In continuing with the series of recordings I've been listening to, as well as the blogs I've shared in relation to what I've realized and applied for myself when facing the experience of 'giving up' - the third recording from the Atlantean's proved to be yet again supportive.

The point I would like to discuss here in relation to this 3rd recording in the series is the correction, or rather expansive point they made in relation to the title of the series, "Giving Up" - to "Giving up on Yourself." Because that is essentially what we are doing when we give up on something we are doing, or learning, or attempting to implement in our life, or to change; when we want to give up, we are not giving up on that particular 'thing' - we are in fact giving up on ourselves based on an idea that "it's not working" or "I can't do this" or "It's not worth it."

So while we might like to think we are giving u…