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336: Who am I within the Time Available?

I will continue on with the series of blogs I am writing, wherein I am correcting this relationship I had created towards responsibilities, specifically homework, the time necessary for that and how I created ways in which to compromise myself actually in holding onto a positive energy and thus not 'freeing up' the time I was getting this energy fix for more supportive actions.

Tonight's blog is in relation to the outflow of the starting point I had created towards my responsibilities. Within a negative perceptions/reaction towards my responsibilities, I then turned to find the outlet - the release - the point in which I could experience the opposite polarity of what I had actually accepted and allowed of/as myself in relation to responsibilities - which was moments of entertaining myself with series and online games. It was like little rewards I was giving myself throughout the day for 'getting through' the responsibilities I had. In this, I see I created a habit…

335: Changing My Nature within Responsibilities

Here I am continuing from the previous post, wherein I applied the self forgiveness for the relationship I have created towards my responsibilities, mostly in relation to my current education process, wherein a lot of time is used for homework/studying.

Here I will redefine the relationship through commitment statements for how I will now apply myself within my 'responsibilities' and will continue in the next posts with self forgiveness and self corrective and commitment statements in relation to the positive relationship towards entertainment I created, as an outflow of this initial negative relationship to responsibilities/homework and also the excuses I then ended up settling on as to why I could not add more to my schedule.

Okay, here we go:

When and as I see myself seeing/experiencing my homework as the responsibilities I have to do daily as something that is 'too much' or 'more than me' and thus feel inferior to 'all the stuff I have to do' - I s…

334: Victimizing Myself within my own Decision

In the previous blog post, I was discussing this point of 'time' and how I was using the excuse of 'no time' or 'not enough time' as the reason I had not yet incorporated a new action in my day to day living, although it was something I had been thinking about doing for some time and essentially saw the support of it and did want to do it.

So while writing this out, I realized that I did in fact have the time, as the physical reality as my actions showed that I was using my time for certain things that were not necessary and could be exchanged for this new point I wanted to add to my schedule. So that is the first point of support or the first point I realized within this is that I can trust the physical reality - my physical action and that the thoughts or back chats coming up within my mind that tell me "I don't have enough time" is not valid because in physical reality it was evident that I in fact did. So a point of support for myself and oth…

333: It's not Really About Time...

Yesterday, while doing my writings, I found an interesting and cool point of support when looking at a specific back chat within my mind, the idea/statement of "I don't have enough time." This was in relation to incorporating a new point for myself within my weekly schedule and while I have considered adding this new point of responsibility/commitment to my week for awhile now, the one point that has been used as a resistance or justification as to why 'I can't' is because of this time point - thinking and believing I don't have enough time.

While writing this out, what I noticed within the last week was that while I was satisfied with how I was moving through the points during my day and so overall my week, there were many moments wherein I went to entertain myself. Now, even though I was getting through everything else that was priority and in that, satisfied with my application - I noticed that there were many moments where my 'time' was fille…