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332: The Greatest Gift to Self

One of the most valuable things I have learned since walking the Desteni Process... the one thing that gave me the ability to stand up for myself... the one thing that gave me a purpose I was complacently waiting for throughout all of my life... the one thing that allowed me to see the real power I actually have... the one thing that I use to develop self empowerment.. .the one thing that changed my life, my perspective of myself, my perspective of this world... the one thing that changed the way I lived my life... the one thing that gave me a sense of hope that was more substantial than any positive feeling as it was something I could put into practice within my life, in all areas... in everything that I do... the one thing that gave me back the ability to LIVE.... was the one thing that was always here, yet I was always so busy waiting, looking, hoping it would be given to me by someone, or something... some greater force outside of myself... the one thing I NEVER considered would …

331: What Do You Take For Granted?

Recently I listened to the EQAFE Life Review Interview, Healthy Body - a House for a Healthy Life. It was quite the timely interview as it was discussing the point of how much we take for granted the things that seem to be 'normal' in our lives, such as our physical bodies. How, because the body we have has always been here, working for us, without our actual awareness or say in what it does, we assume it will always be here, working for us, as it always has. Yet, this interview explained how this was the most important points in our life to explore, investigate and get to know - those relationships or points or things in our life that seem 'normal' and 'always the same' - those things we can so easily take for granted.

This being that was doing the interview described how he had always been fascinated by his hands as a young child, and how they would move, seemingly without his awareness. He was not the one to say, "Okay hand, now I want you to move the …

Day 330: The Tool we Use to Deceive Ourselves

A point to consider in one's life is that whatever is going on within our mind; whatever it is that we THINK we know about ourselves, or we THINK we are assessing about who we are, our lives, our relationships, our process in general of how we are changing... cannot, in any way, be trusted.

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She had been stable in her life, going to school, going to work, doing what was necessary for herself to ensure she was surviving and even enjoying the time she had with herself throughout her days as she was in the process of getting to know herself and for once in her life, building an agreement within herself as to how she would change herself in this one life she had as she saw the responsibility to making absolute changes within herself that would be best for herself and best for all. She was not giving to much attention to things outside of her control or that she was not within a relationship, which had always been such a prominent desire throughout he…

329: Eating to Feed my Body, not my Ego

Here, the corrective and commitment statements in relation to the previous blog, "328: The Ego in What I Eat"

When and as I see myself defining some foods as good and others as bad, I stop and I breathe and bring myself out of the interpretations of my mind and instead be here, in this physical reality, breathing with/as my physical body and thus seeing the food as an equal physical substance that sustains and supports my physical life and living and so I commit myself to stop defining/seeing/perceiving foods from within/as my mind and instead see it, in all it's forms, as physical substance from/as the earth

When and as I see myself attaching a positive energy or negative energy to the foods in which I am going to eat, I stop and I breathe and bring myself out of the mind and back here, grounded in physical reality, through/as my physical body as breath and thus bring myself back to the realization that when/as I give positive or negative values as definitions/judgment…

328: The Ego in What I Eat

Okay, getting straight into the self forgiveness for the relationship I have created towards and with food/my diet. Read yesterday's blog for reference.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define some foods as bad and others as good

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define some foods within a negative definition and others within a positive definition and to within this, attach a specific energy within the definition that then influence how I 'feel' or experience myself when I eat these foods

I forgive myself that I Have accepted and allowed myself to separate myself from the food that I eat, as that which is of the earth, as I am of the earth, and as that which physically support my body to function - through defining some foods as good and some as bad

I forgive myself that I Have accepted and allowed myself to place a judgment on foods that I have defined as 'bad' as that which is 'bad' for my body and thi…

327: What Influenced me to Change my Diet?

A few blogs ago I referenced a point about my diet to explain the importance of our 'starting points' in relation to certain things in our life. What I mean by 'starting point' is what the specific reason was that I gave myself to make the decision to change the way I was eating. So what prompted me to change my diet? Was it fear? Was it for a desired outcome? Was it for physical support? The reason the 'why' and for what reason is important is because that will determine or does define 'who I am' within changing my diet and as such, how those changes go.

What I can clearly see is that, although I could see the practical, supportive reasons as to why I should change my diet, to support my physical body and so my overall well being, I do see there were many other factors at play as well. Such as fear - fear of the 'bad' foods out there that will deteriorate my body. Or the 'bad' foods that will make me gain weight. So while I convinced my…

326: Stopping the Cycles and Creating Real Change

Continuing from the previous blog, "Day 325: What Are my Reasons for Wanting Change?"

When and as I see myself 'hyping' myself up with positiveenergy/feelings in relation to implementing changes within myself and my day to day living, I stop and I breathe and bring myself back to the realization that change is not and should not be about making myself 'feel good' as the reward of positive energy and instead be a decision based in self honesty and self responsibility to who I am and thus how I participate within this world and so I commit myself to stop myself when I see I am going into a positive energy reaction in relation to making/implementing changes in my day and instead I commit myself to walk the physical day to day, moment to moment process that ensures my consistency and stability within the actual point of real change so that it becomes a change that stands the test of time and not just a fad or hype I participate in for a moment to give myself a f…

Day 325: What are My Reasons for Wanting to Change?

Continuing from yesterday's blog, "324: Hyped Up on Making Changes? Time Reveals whether it's real".

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to 'hype myself up' when making changes within my life as if to give myself the reward of positive energy and accept that to be the extent to which I am satisfied with change - when it makes me 'feel good', yet not actually walking within the physical process of ensuring my changes are lasting, for real and standing the test of time

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to trick myself into thinking I am making real, everlasting changes when/as I experience a positive energy rush as the self reward that I use to define myself as 'doing well' or 'doing good' and to within this think, 'yes, I have changed' when actually such a reaction reveal I have not done enough yet in terms of making sure I was/am 'clear' within my starting point of the actual …

324: Hyped Up on Making Changes? Time Reveals whether it's Real!

A point I would like to discuss here is somewhat in relation to yesterday's blog.

This point of time and how only through time can we actually see/prove to ourselves that we have in fact changed.

A tendency I see I have is to get hyped up on the prospect of change or a few days of consistency or application that I am satisfied with, or when I try something new - after just a few moments/days/opportunity to make changes and I do, I then go into this absolute statement of "I have changed" and then with this - all the positive feelings as rewards that I have done 'a job well done'. Yet often times I notice, or what I have found within my process is that many points I had convinced myself that I had changed within - through time - it's proven that I have not in fact changed it. The positive energy as the 'hype of change' carried me through long enough before I crashed and burned. lol - this sounds more brutal than it actually is.

What I am saying here is…

323: Journey to Life Blogs - the Gift of the Challenge

Tonight's blog is in 'real time'. Meaning - I am sitting here, writing this specific Journey to Life blog entry, in the moment, about a point that I want to share. This is not writings from the other day or self forgiveness from this morning. I am here, in the moment.

I have been a bit spacey with my Journey to Life blogs as of recently - prioritizing my time to focus more on school work, I have not given myself the appropriate time to be as consistent as I would like with my Journey to Life blogs. I'm not saying this is 'wrong' or 'bad' - it's simply something I had to do in order to sort myself out with my school work, to make sure I was satisfied with myself in that specific aspect of my life. Yet all the while, I 'knew' I was not giving myself that extra push I know I could to write and share and move within my Journey to Life.

It has been an amazing gift - this point alone (The 7 Year Journey to Life Blogs), within the Desteni Process.…