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585: My Process with Responsibility

Responsibility is a word I've had a long relationship with. I remember being quite young and reading the Berenstain Bear books and responsibility was one of the words I came across, one of biggest words I had read at that stage, and when I read it on my first go... I was surprised and so proud of myself. The definition and understanding of that word were clear within me - I had no struggles to read that word. So I've always in a way held a special place for that word within me.

Give or take 20 years later and I came across it again in a living, applicable way. The very first point when watching my first few Desteni Production videos was the message of responsibility. I understood a responsibility that I had not only to myself but to those around me and life as a whole. I could see this world was a mess, and no one knew wtf was going on, and the solutions people were living with positive thinking and "making the most" of this life was not practical... it did not addr…