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459: Our One, and Only, Interconnected World

A friend mentioned today the fires in Alberta, Canada are bringing smoke and the campfire smell to her area in Minneapolis, MN. This is the second summer I'll be in Canada, and same as last year, hearing about the wild fires crossing the border into the US, causing an affect on parts thousands of miles away.

A point to consider here is how in one place of the world - what happens there, has an affect on another part of the world, seemingly separate from the source of what is going on. Yet here it is, a small, yet significant example of the interconnectedness of our world.

Fires rage in Canada cause the US to experience the aftermath. No borders keeping out the smoke and smell. Makes our whole border situation seem silly in the first place. You can keep people contained perhaps, with the illusions of borders, but this is One Earth, and what happens on this One Earth affects us all.

Often times it's not right on our door step, or fogging up our air, or causing a stench to linge…

458: We Will Have to Imagine

One of the most vital elements to changing, to this process we are walking within Humanity, is to understand why things exist the way that they do. Since writing about this forgiveness point the past few days, I’ve come to notice more and more how we are so quick to judge things in our world.

Indiana just installed a drop-box for mothers no longer wanting their babies. This was created due to the amount of babies being abandoned by their mothers, some I’m sure not lucky enough to survive, while others being found and put into the system such as foster care, and then perhaps adoption. We want to condemn these woman, to be appalled by the fact that a city must install such a thing – a drop box for unwanted babies. As woman, and I’m sure as mothers, we cannot even imagine how one could abandon their babies like that.

But it exists, so we’ll have to. We’ll have to imagine what would possibly go through the minds of these women, and parents. We will have to imagine what dire situation the…

457: Living Forgiveness

To wrap up the points written in the previous blogs, the following are corrective statements, and commitment statements of how I can change myself in future moments... expanding my application of living Forgiveness.

"I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize the importance and value of forgiveness, not only for/toward oneself, but even more so outward towards others… in forgiving those that know not what they do, and so being an example one can learn from and realize forgiveness is possible and the key to changing our world - individually as well as collectively"

When and as I see myself condemning, and judging others for one moment of interaction, one behavior, or statement, or change in tonality, I stop and I breathe. I see, realize, and understand that this is automatically defining them absolutely within just one moment of a whole lifetime, and that within it, there is no understanding or forgiveness and so I commit myself to consider more than just the …

456: Redefining Forgiveness

To continue from yesterday's blog:
"Without forgiveness, there is no understanding. Without understanding, there is no ‘stand in the shoes of another’, and ‘give as you would like to receive.’ Without these guiding principles, we have what we currently have – greed, corruption, self-interest, separation, inequality, war, hate, neglect of life in all its forms. Forgiveness is our salvation. And while it starts with ourselves, I can see for myself it’s time to expand my forgiveness outward. To forgive them for they know not what they do."
I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to live forgiveness in relation to others

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to condemn and judge others for one moment of interaction, one behavior, or statement, or change in tonality, and automatically define them absolutely and not allow room for understanding and so forgiveness

I forgive myself that I have not yet allowed myself to expand my understandi…

455: What About Forgiveness?

Recently I’ve been looking at the point of forgiveness… in the context of how quick I am to judge, to react, and to assume the worst of others. Many times I’m interacting with other people, and one simple thing said, or one movement expressed, or one change of tonality and I am quick to just judge the person, and define them absolutely according to that one moment.

And then I realized… what about forgiveness?

The Desteni Process I am walking, which is really just my own process of self-change, is all about forgiveness. Specifically forgiving thoughts, feelings, and emotions that do not honor what is best for self, and so of course, what is best for all. And while I see the value and importance of forgiving myself, I have yet to apply this to others/my outside world.

About four or five years ago, shortly after I began this process, I noticed or came to see and realize just how hard, harsh, and tough I was on myself. And in that, how I was inherently resisting me because I was judging…

454: The Golden Rule

Let's continue from the previous blog:
"It’s not really ‘them’ I am bothered by for not speaking direct to people, and instead talk behind their backs. It’s ME bothered by the fact that I cannot do that myself. And why? Because of fear… avoiding conflict, imagining harsh reactions that I may cower from. Fear of standing by my own insights, realization and understandings…."
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to react negatively when hearing others talking about people who are not around/in the environment as a point of gossip

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to blame those that gossip/talk about others who are not around as being unfair and nasty because those they are talking about are not there to speak for themselves or address what is being said about them

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to blame those that speak about others as having nothing important or valuable to say, and so to within this, dis…