09 April 2013

139: From the Fear & Blame(Problem), back to Self(Solution) and the Reward

This is the final blog is the series I have been walking:
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Day 133 - Humbled by seeing and shamed by my blame - bringing the fear back to myself.
Day 134 - The Anger I fear in Another is the Anger within Myself
Day 135 - Seeing the Reflection of Myself
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Day 137 - Learning How to Love My-Self before I can Love my Neighbor
Day 138 - A Word with the Power to Change Me

I was looking through the previous blogs I have written the last week, wherein I was taking on a particular moment that I reacted within myself in relation to another and see that I have walked through all the points I laid out for myself to take responsibility for in forgiving and correcting; re-scripting myself in 'how to live' from here on out in order to no longer allow myself to accept the uncontrollable reactions I had experienced. This was a very cool point for me to go through/investigate/forgive and ultimately give myself livable solutions to that I can implement in my day to day living. So to recap what has been walked through, I will show myself the problem, the solution and alas, the reward.

The Problem:
Initially I became fearful of someone who lives close to me because of how he spoke to me, specific words he used and how that triggered an automatic emotional response within myself. I then proceeded to engage in a particular experience or 'state of being' I had been recently started becoming aware of as the 'defender', wherein I would have this guard up against others and attack them in fear of them attacking me - particularly in regards to desteni and equal money.

So starting to investigate this point within my blogs, I initially was still within blame and not taking any kind of responsibility for my participation in the moment that manifested except the fear I felt; instead I proceeded to justify my position of why I posted a particular picture that caused a reaction in another, why I was right because of this (the just-I-fications), wherein I was only seeing/hearing 'I' as the eye of consciousness that sees/exists within/as self interest, existing in separation as the polarity of "good and bad/winner and loser/right and wrong" and in essence blaming him for reacting and not seeing 'why' I posted the picture I did.

Within this, there was no standing in the shoes of another, no loving my neighbor as myself and absolutely no self-awareness of my responsibility in this creation as how I had essentially created this whole moment and who I was within it as it was an outflow of the relationship I have/had with my-self. Obviously this is a problem because firstly I was not seeing who I was in the moment, how I allowed the moment to be created, and who I was within that and secondly there was no sense of equality, no oneness, no consideration of another as myself, only the 'me, me, me' that fell victim to another, rendering myself a victim of my own design. This problem I can see not only here within and as me, but in the 'outer' as me, as our world. Do you think there are self responsible human beings on this planet that recognize the responsibility they have to every single moment of their lives? How often do you hear people bitchin' about others, in how "they" are to blame, and "they" are wrong, and "they" are the bastards for doing this to me? Do we as humans have any sense of self reflection, wherein we will turn inward to see 'who we are' within every single thing we think, say or do? Do we even realize that who we are within reflects what exists without? Do we realize the world is our mirror?

This is the problem - we have not even yet realized the equality and oneness that is right in front of our eyes, we are in separation from our physical reality and every single person/thing that is in/as it because we do not see that as ourselves and we do not see it/them as ourselves because we have not realized who we in fact really are. . And thus we have conflict, wars, murder, starvation, poverty, destruction of our environment; simply because no one is willing to take responsibility for themselves in seeing how we are in fact the creators of EVERYTHING that exists here as our current manifested society/world. We have not yet realized the self that is accepting/allowing/manifesting what is here within and without thus obviously we can't dare consider taking responsibility for ourselves when we haven't even seen it is us.

The Solution:
The Realization that I am the creator, created, creation; I am the cause/source/origin of everything that happens/moves within me and outside of me. I am responsible for who I am in each moment, there is NO ONE to blame. I am the one that's perpetuating separation in this world through my lack of standing in the shoes of another, in not loving my neighbor as myself.

The solution is 'bringing it back to self' in realizing that who I am in each moment and how I relate to others is a direct reflection/outflow of the relationship I have with myself and so to turn inward in seeing 'who we are/who I am' is the key to understanding self and how self has created and designed not only ourselves, but the world in which we live.

The solution is to stop ALL blame, in taking responsibility for ourselves; what we do or don't do, what we say or don't say, how we live and from what starting point this all comes from. Thus the solution is to self investigate in seeing 'where we are coming from', in order to fully stand in the shoes of another as 'where they are coming from'; we cannot understand others until we understand ourselves.

The Reward:
An individual that can take responsibility for themselves in seeing their participation in every moment of their lives and stops all blame outside of themselves. This will produce a world where all individuals, equally as one, take responsibility for themselves and thus we will have heaven on earth. because have a look - do you think wars would exist if each party was willing to reflect upon themselves in taking responsibility for how they have perhaps created the outflow of such war? Do you think we would even allow ourselves to go to war if we were to stop blame? Isn't blame what causes war, in that "they are the ones that must be stopped", "they are the ones that need correction", "they are the ones doing this and we are the ones to stop them". So I can see clearly, and perhaps it's too much to even place in one blog, the reward of humans taking responsibility for themselves, in who we are in each moment and WHY we are as the starting point from which we live.

The Reward of self power to being able to no longer be enslaved to another in how we victimize ourselves to the way 'we feel', and instead see for real that feelings and emotions that seemingly come out of no where are not actually who we are, they are the design from which we have been conditioned to exist; accepting them as if they have substance.

The Reward of realizing that I have the ability to actually get to know myself and through this self knowing, I will be able to fully stand in the shoes of another, to actually be able to love thy neighbor as thyself, because only once I have done this with myself, can I for real do it for/as another and so the ability to live the principles that are best for all and will produce a world that is best for all; as all individuals making up the group will stand self responsible, and in equality in seeing each other as our neighbors, in loving each other as we have learned to love ourselves and thus we will co-exist as co-creators where we see we are the ones that create what is here and who we are and perhaps in this standing we will never again allow ourselves to create such an existence that does not serve for the interest of all.

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