13 November 2016

496: The Gifts of Daily Writing... and Sharing! - 30 Days of Blogging - Day 30

Today is my 30th day of daily blogging. As soon as I started, it is now over. It's been an amazing process, and I'm so grateful to myself for embarking on the journey. I was able to push through the resistance to writing, walk through the fear of judgments towards myself, and projected unto others. I was able to practice writing 'in the moment' without any ideas or topics to write about, I was able to practice being creative. I was able to walk through experiences and back chats that suggested to skip a day, and I was able to daily take care of myself through the process of reflection and responsibility. And each day, I was able to share that openly with others, without shame, or fear, or judgment, simply unconditionally expressing me and what I face within my day to day living, my process and my Journey to Life.

That is what this Journey to Life is all about, a slow but sure process of change, development, discovery, understanding, forgiveness, removal, creation, and application. What I find most remarkable is how everyday I had something to say, every day I had something to reflect on, to take responsibility for, to share a self-honest perspective on, to forgive, and to let go. There was no day where absolutely nothing was here to share, there was always something. And as I sit here on my 30th day, I see more within me that could fill another 1,000 days of blogs. There is a whole reality within ourselves waiting to be faced, and directed, and re-aligned into what is best for all, not to mention the whole reality outside of us as this world requiring our understanding, forgiveness, and solutions.

The excuses I've made throughout the time since I've started my Journey to Life blog series so many years ago as having nothing to write about, or nothing to share has been proven to be inaccurate once and for all. For me even now there are multiple points I see within me to work on, and lots of memories to be laid to rest, and lots of corrections to apply in my life, so there is always something here. And within this Journey to Life, of daily sharing our process, we have the gift to do just that... take inventory of who we are as our thoughts, words, and deeds and ensure we are standing within principle of equality and oneness as what's best for all. We can't change over night, if nothing else this 30 Days has shown me that every day matters in this process of change, the time available to do just that. Every day is a gift; an opportunity. It's a slow process, but surely in our application of consistency, awareness, responsibility, forgiveness and SELF-direction, we can change, and expand. And to share it openly with others is sharing an example that perhaps could support another within their own process.

So while I took on this 30 Days of Blogging Challenge to push myself beyond what I was accepting and allowing of me, I knew I could do it before I had even started. I knew I was previously giving into excuses and justifications, I was limiting myself within my capabilities. I was accepting a lesser version of myself. Because another cool point about this blogging application that I could see playing out in my life is that when I'm not applying myself, I resist blogging even more. When I am not being self-honest, and not taking self-responsibility for my thoughts, words, and deeds, I do not want to share. In fact I want to hide, hide from others because I'm hiding from myself as the responsibility I have to who I am. Thus it comes down to ME making a decision for ME to step it up, stop my mind as experiences of emotions and feelings, and LIVE my utmost potential.

Thus I DARE anyone who has seen an excuse, justification, or resistance towards blogging to gift yourself with 30 days of daily blogging. Show to yourself you are capable and able to direct yourself, your mind, and your expression to be more than what you've accepted and allowed of yourself. After all, it's not really even about the blogs, it's about YOU in who you are, and the process you are walking. Here is simply a medium for us to practice perfecting ourselves within this process.

Enjoy and thanks for walking this Journey with me.

P.S - The blogging doesn't stop here ;)

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