06 November 2016

489: Television is More than just Entertainment - 30 Days of Blogging - Day 23

A few weeks back I started watching a new comedy series. It was a refreshing find, and I very much enjoyed the actors, and the comedy. One thing though that I noticed within me watching this series, reminded me of another experience to a previous series I watched a few years back.

The story goes, there is a girl and a guy, and they for awhile were just friends/co-workers. You can see the chemistry, and the subtle hints of attraction between the characters, and immediately your hooked - you want to see these two characters get together. This is the story line of the newest series I've been watching, and come to think of it - it's the same exact story line of the previous series I watched wherein the same experience within me came up. Fascinating!

So as the story goes (talking about the newest comedy at the moment), the two finally come together! It's magic, and bliss, and everything you wanted it to be. The chemistry sparks, and it's entertaining to watch the two of them together. Now to the previous series - same story... the two finally get together, in some capacity, and it's like, "yes! Finally! This is what I've been waiting for!"

Now with the newest comedy series, after so many episodes of the relationship of these two characters building and developing, I started to notice a shift within me. It was like I was bored. I was over it. I wanted something else to watch instead of these two characters... forgetting completely how I was only really watching to see this play out. But I've had my fill, and I find much less interest in watching the show.

Same happened with this older series I had watched. The two of the characters were together, and it was entertaining to watch. But then they killed off the male character, and so the relationship was over. It was pretty much immediate my interest in that show ended. And so I stopped watching.

Now what I find most interesting about this is my experience within it. The desire for the relationship... wanting to see the attraction develop, and be fulfilled. Following along, and in a way, falling for the same feelings I was watching being portrayed by these characters. An energy of interest, and desire, excitement and anticipation rising up. Though, when that is fulfilled - the relationship happens, and it become 'routine', or the relationship ends, my interest also ends.

So what does this tell me about me? I am still participating in the energy in relation to relationships. I am still looking for that attraction energy, that desire energy, that 'love' in a way to be fulfilled, and so watching it on a television show is the source from which I'm accepting and allowing myself to chase those feelings. But then often what happens in relationships once the honeymoon is over? Reality kicks it, it becomes routine, and we often go into resistance to the very person we once couldn't get enough of. We lose interest, and so our engagement cease to exist. Just like mine in watching these shows... once the desire was fulfilled, or couldn't be fulfilled because one of the character dies, and so the story of the relationship dies, my desire to watch also dies.

Who am I within this? I am watching television shows and movies within a starting point of generating emotions and feelings... to have an experience. I am getting carried away, emotional, and sometimes even attached as a need to watch, to get those experiences. But when we are no longer able to find that source from which we are fueling ourselves with those emotions and feelings, we disengage and go elsewhere to find it.

I have seen myself play out this exact pattern in actual relationships throughout my life, and now I see there is still a degree of this existing within me. Televisions can actually be a practical point within self-change. Who do you like as a character? What do you like about them? Who don't you like as a character? What don't you like about them? What do you like about these two characters, and why do you want to see them come together? Why do you have such anger towards a specific character? Why don't you want to watch certain type of genre of television and movies, and are only willing to watch another kind? All these questions are questions of self-reflection, and when answered within self-honesty, one can shed light to our own nature... our own parts of ourselves that are existent within us, and that reveals a specific engineered relationship we have created to some part/aspect/dimension of our life.

So for me I can see a similar nature from my past, playing out now through watching a television series. As well as me not using television and movies not to simply become entertained, but to actually LEARN something about myself, to reflect on human psychology, and human nature..  to get to know more about what is HERE in understanding what type of minds create such productions. What are we accepting and allowing as whole, seen through the televisions and movies produced?

Thus a couple points for me here to support within my process... change my starting point for watching television and movies, and also to look at where I'm still holding onto that desire for attraction, and love within relationships. Why am I still seeking out ways to get energy as emotions and feelings, to get that positive high, to experience something other than the natural stability of my body, breath by breath?

Will continue in blogs to come.

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