03 July 2012

Day 50 - The Movie of the Mind, Staring: ME as The Characters

What I have seen throughout my life - and more recently in the past few years - is just how much I think. How there is a thought for every moment of every day. Whether it's a reaction as back chat where I comment on a person, place or thing, or a memory where I transport myself back into time into an experience where I re-play the scene to experience the character I starred as - or into future projection of how I would like to act in ways that get me the most acceptance and validation for the character I decide to suit up in that moment.

Yet what is happening in these moments of playing a character - is I am accepting myself as just that - a character I am playing - a role I am fitting into - a structure I am a pillar for for myself and others - to exist in an illusion that we are just creating. And so the key here - WE ARE CREATING. We have not even realized we have created this whole game we are playing - all the roles we accept of ourselves, "I am this.. I am that... I am me... You are you" and all the while being the commentator of all that is here in throwing our judgments and perceptions into it - attempting always to find ways where we come out as the 'winner', as 'looking good', 'saving face' - all these fronts that we are participating in - they are not even real. We have fucked ourselves in our own stupidity - where we have created an illusion we don't even know we have trapped ourselves in. When I play a character based on what comes up in my Mind - I support all others within their characters that they decide to be depending on what comes up in their mind - and so we are eternally fucking each other through playing these silly games that we don't even see what we are doing.... what we are creating... while the truth of ourselves is staring right back at us... this whole world.

I can see so many characters I have played in my lie(life) - "I am special. I am unique. I am fat. I am ugly. I am superior. I am inferior. I don't want to do this. I want to do this. This makes me happy. This makes me sad. I don't like her. He doesn't like me. This is life. That is life." - We have not even LIVED Life - as we are too busy in our minds scripting ourselves in the various characters we believe we have to present to others as 'who we are' in believing this is how we must survive. Believing we must survive.. so busy trying to survive - not allowing ourselves to live.

Since being supported within realizing how we are just characters that are not even real - how every thought is creating a new character we can display to others to be 'safe' within our character play we play with others - every thought that arise - I now see as a character I have created. And even within that perception - I am creating another character - "That thought was a character"

We have quite a process ahead of ourselves. Best to stop in each moment, (to breathe here equal to and one with the only thing that is real, the physical body, this physical reality), we find ourselves creating a new character - as it is another layer that we attempt to shield ourselves from away from ourselves, away from others, away from life.

Who are we without the self definitions of the Mind?

Dare to walk the Journey to Life - where we remove the the lie of the story we have told about who we are and what life is. We can see, as this whole world, we have got no clue.

In up coming blogs I will show how I have created the various characters I have played throughout my life, and show how we are able to stop and delete these scenes we have lived that do not support life as who we really are. We must consider that the ways we have gone about 'living life', is not working, this whole world is showing us that clearly. So - time to take a new approach, one of self responsibility as Being the CREATOR of the Illusion we have created.