08 July 2012

2012: Deepak Chopra's advice Lacks Self-Responsibility

"A man's goodness is truly measured by what he is, not what he does."- Deepak Chopra

First off, Deepak Chopra - I would like to ask you... Does "who you are" define what you do?

Let's play around a bit with this...

A man rapes a child. Many say, "I'm surprised.. I would never think he would do that.. he seemed like a "good man" --Does this then justify the actions of rape? Is he then no longer held accountable for his actions - because some view him as a "good man"??

This statement by Deepak Chopra allows too much room for one to not take any self responsibility for their actions. It is saying, "Don't see how you live or what you do or do not do in this world - just look at "who you are" in this world as a way to define yourself. So the many ego maniacs that run this world are free to then justify hoarding all the wealth of the world from the majority, as actions they live everyday, and then claim, "I have a family, I am good to my family. I have friends, I am good to my friends... thus I am a good man, because I experience myself as a good man" While the truth of this person is plain to see in the actions lived everyday.

This I can put into context within my own experience.

I have always lived the character of "being nice" and have heard many say that I am 'easy to be around' and 'a good listener' and "easy to get along with" and within this, I defined myself as "a good person". YET - the actions I lived in my day to day living... did not show this to be true. Because the reality of myself were in the actions and even inaction I lived. For example, while I was pleasant to so many... there are a few throughout my life that saw the worst of me - or should I say the truth of me - where I would be deliberately spiteful and nasty as a way to diminish them within themselves, as a way to have power and control over them, and this would be through physical actions taken in my life. But majority of the time, I did not express this. Only on occasion - and so if I were to apply this statement above, I would so conveniently be free from taken any sort of responsibility, because majority of the time, "I'm nice", while only very few times in my life, I would be outwardly aggressive and just plain mean. How nice I have a 'free pass' to not at all have to take any responsibility for who I am or how I have lived, because I can justify my actions through saying, "My goodness is measured by what I am (nice and easy to be around), not what I do (attempt to cause conflict in another through words). How nice is that!!

This statement is hiding the truth of Humanity - where we attempt to abdicate any responsibility and justify how we currently exist, and how this world currently exists by saying, "we are good, don't judge us by our actions"

Reality check: WHO YOU ARE defines WHAT YOU DO and WHAT YOU DO will define WHO YOU ARE, In other words, it's not who you are, it's what you do, yet who you are WILL define what you do - and it is in the actions that we live everyday, or don't live every day that produce a world that shows us exactly WHO WE ARE: self-interested fear mongers who have no sense of life or equality.

Truth is - "goodness" in (hu)man Does NOT exist, as we have accepted and allowed a system that separates Life from Life and gives more value to the dollar sign then the physical substance that is here. Until Life is Honored equally within an Equal Money System - no Man can Claim goodness - as he still allows his living actions to produce a world that does not support any form of Life.

Investigate the current accepted nature of man, embodied in the statements like the one above, by the dear, RICH Deepak Chopra. Just because he said nice things that make people feel better, and they say he is a "good man" because of it - does not remove his responsibility within this world and how it currently exists. Time to step Up!

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