15 May 2014

338: Emotions are Our Weakness - Become Relentless as the System

I notice that people (including myself), tend to get caught up in the emotional reactions around a particular situation or event that happens in one’s life. Say for instance something unexpected happens to you and you find there is an immediate reaction of thinking ‘what is going on’, ‘why is this happening’. We generally then want to fall into the emotional reactions we have around this particular event, especially when it involves other people in which we've had a volatile relationship with.

What I noticed within myself today when being around such a situation, where me and my family were faced and so dealing with a particular situation that required our direction and movement within the legal system to get information and find out options in which we have to get through a particular event – the tendency was to go into the recent past of how this situation developed and what caused it and what could have prevented it or going into future moments of how this could be changed or fixed, or what would happen if this person did this or that person would do that, or going into ideas about what was happening to other people involved in the situation.

What I found interesting about this is that here we are not dealing with actual, physical, practical reality – like what is right in front of us in terms of what is required of us to do in order to move ourselves through a particular situation or event to get to some kind of solution or resolution. We would just get caught up in the emotional reactions we had initially to the situation. There were phone calls to be made, more information to find out to be sure we were in the best possible position in terms of being informed about the situation wherein we could then make the best possible decision as to how to move forward. We had appointments to go to; things to get done. Basically there were things that were directly in front of us that we could give our attention and direction to, to focus on the present, what is here, what is required of us in this moment and our immediate future – yet more often then not we would get distracted by these other points that are not necessarily relevant to the situation as it was based in emotional reactions, points of blaming others for the situation we were in, projecting on future events of what possibly could happen – I mean one get lost in these wanderings of the mind and so obviously lose focus and become out of touch with practical, physical reality as what is here needing our attention and direction. I mean to make a phone call to find out more information does not require an emotional reaction – we do not have to get worked up or annoyed with the person on the phone – we simply are calling to get more information based on the information we already have and to essentially get us to the next point in which we can give direction to. I mean this movement – this is how we are able to effectively move ourselves within our system, in any aspect, where we become diligent in stopping the emotional reaction and become relentlessly steadfast as the system itself.

So it was a cool point for me to see within myself today, when the people I was with were getting caught up in what has been going on and going into tangents about what could possibly happen or reacting or judging what this person said or what if this were to play out, and seeing myself bringing not only myself, but others back to the task at hand. We cannot know what will happen unless we move ourselves to make things happen, to do whatever it takes to get things done and to not get worked up or overwhelmed by our emotional reactions to any situation. The system we have in our world, such as the legal system, does not deal with emotions. It does not care how you feel or what you would like – it is quite specific in how it exists, following strict rules and guidelines one must essentially walk through, point by point, to reach an outcome that could potentially be best.

That is a point I saw directly today – how uncaring the system is in terms of human's emotions and feelings – it deals strictly with information, facts, rules, guidelines, policy and law. It is very cut and dry, to the point. I mean the overall process might seem over-complicated and unnecessary at times – yet it is what we have here currently in place that, at this stage, in unwavering and stands firm in how it exists. And so we must become the same – equal to and one with how the system currently exists, just as the legal or judicial system. To the point, point by point, dealing with each stage without any emotional reaction but instead working with what is here and keeping at every angle possible to find a solution. Perhaps this is why so many feel threatened or even inferior to such a world system as the law  or judicial system – is because the moment we have an emotional reaction, we crumble, we diminish and dis-empower ourselves and feel its too much and we should just give up – it’s useless and so we do and the system remains standing where and how it is. If only we were to change ourselves to express such a point within ourselves – unwavering, standing and steadfast within who we are and in how we move ourselves.

So cool to have such a up close and personal look inside some areas of our legal and judicial system and see how really, emotions are our weakness. We cannot possibly move ourselves within any system of this world when we allow emotions to take us over and distract us from the process of physically walking in this world, what is here in front of us, that we can give direction to and move through.

Investigate the free DIP lite course that assist and support oneself to stop the emotional reactions we allow to distract us from what physically matters in this world and that we let get in our way from finding potential solutions in all aspects of life and living in our world - through becoming relentless as our world system itself - unwavering, specific, direct, to the point and constantly moving in order to produce results that can ultimate change who we are and where we currently stand as what currently exists.

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