22 June 2013

203: "Lights Out" for Reality to be Faced

I am typing these words at a coffee shop next to my school. I cannot recall writing even one of my blogs at a coffee shop. The reason I haven't is because I have internet at my home and so in the comfort of such space and the protection of money, I am able to sign online at any moment I choose and move about how I would like with 'free' access.

The reason today I am sitting in a coffee shop to write this blog is because last night my city was hit with two extreme storms. It did not last long but the effects are still being felt today. Winds tore down trees, power lines, street lights. The city turned to black and the night was just starting.

I awoke this morning in hopes the power had returned. It had not. Daylight revealed the effects of the storms to be much more clear. Street upon street have been blocked off; trees on houses and in middle of intersections. More than 200,000 Minneapolis residents are without power today, and the news is telling us some may not have it back until Tuesday.

It's interesting the dependency we have created to electricity. I mean, it's not even a dependency, so much as a necessity. It provide a more comfortable life; a more efficient and practical life even - yet what this storm - mother nature - is showing me through this experience is just how much we take for granted and even fail to recognize that a basic human right, such as electricity, is not provided to All. And for those of us living the cushy life, where we are accustomed to such a thing - don't realize the difficulties within life when one does not have access to such a basic thing as electricity.

I came to a coffee shop and to no surprise, so did the rest of the city. Everyone plugging in their cells phones and computers and tablets - making sure they are 'charged up' and with power. It's interesting to hear so many gasp at the situation - how 'hard' it is now that we are without power in our homes and what an inconvenience we must adjust to in order to make sure 'our world' moves smoothly.

We don't realize that half the population exists as this. And it's not the electricity they desire to charge their phones; it's to heat in their homes or to power a generator or to cook a meal. I mean - we have no clue the luxury we are living in in contrast to what the reality is for the rest of the world.

Not until it is here, in our faces, shaking up our world and taking the rug out from under our feet, do we only begin to taste the harshness of our reality we have created ourselves within.

What is the bubble we have protected ourselves within - to not have to feel the effects of the 'real world' as the nature that moves without our consent? Money. We have Money to, even in the midst of a storm that takes out our ability to cool our food, or to write with a light on - we can still get in our cars and drive to the other side of our city to sit in a coffee shop and write a blog.

So it's fascinating the moment that is here for me and the other residents of my area. "Stop" and take a look at what is actually going on in this world. We are not the unfortunate ones. We are the spoiled ones, because in our comfort zone built with money, we do not have to give a damn about those that do not have the same structure. They are 'out there' in the 'real world' facing the brutality of our current, uncaring economic system and the empty words of apparent Basic Human Rights. Maybe in the middle of all of this we can stop and consider what really matters and the responsibility we have with the 'freedoms' we experience with our access to resources, all coming from our ability to spend money, what we must do to ensure we create this for All. Where no One must live without the comfort of a life supported, honored and dignified. The ability to actually give to themselves a life we would want for our own.

Or we will get our 'power' back  - return to our (ab)normal lifestyles of ignorantly chasing our next energy fix; where our individual pursuit of happiness trumps the concerns of the rest of the world. What is in our Nature?

Investigate the Equal Life Foundation and Basic Income Grant as proposed Solutions to our current condition on Earth, where we have conditioned ourselves to accept that humans do not in fact receive their basic human rights and those of us that have them, do not give them to others equally as we would/do for ourselves. Be the Change - Be the Solution - Get to know Our World and Stand/Walk until All are Free to Live Here.

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