06 February 2012

2012 Hey ASScenders... where you going?

2012 is here and the minds of Men are going mental. Literally - everyone is trapped within the mental realities of thoughts and fantasy.

What do you want to happen in 2012?

What do you THINK will happen in 2012?

Where are you going in 2012?

What will come in 2012?

Many people believe that the "great" Mayan Civilization that had such high tech advancements in the timing of the Universe has set that 2012 is the year when Humanity will enter into a "New Time" This has been taken in so many avenues and construed to mean so many things.... which one do you enslave yourself to?

Some of these 2012 hopefuls believe that an ASScension will be taken place. That their is a "greater reality" that we will just magically float up to. That those "special" enough to be in awareness of this "higher consciousness" will leave this reality behind and conveniently find themselves in a reality so much better then this one. Some call this the "5th dimension".

I participated in such a belief for a brief moment in time - yet it was within the idea that there was an awareness taken place - people were waking up to the realities of this world and them boom - instantly we would all be self aware beings living here and the world would magically change.

Well - news flash. We aint going no where but here. And the only place we will find ourselves moving to - is the cold hard ground - where reality exists.

It's time to wake up within realizing the desire for some great and wonderful thing to happen in the year 2012 - is simple just that, wishful thinking. We are so desparate to find meaning and purpose in this Life, that we are willing to hold onto an idea that something outside of ourselves is going to rescue us - whether is is Jesus on a cloud or a higher reality/dimension waiting for us - where we don't have to face the reality of ourselves or this world.

Time to come back to Earth. Time to Be HERE in this PHYSICAL Reality - out of the Mental Planes where we can beLIEve anything we want - and get REAL to what is Here. This Physical World requires Physical Changes - and that can only happen within the Physical Body. The Mind is the illusion where we can travel down so many paths finding any idea that makes us feel better or keeps us occupied in not seeing what is so simple here.

Humanity requires people to Step Up and Stand Up in taking Responsibility for what has been created within/as this World. It Requires redefining what we have accepted and allowed to call Life here. It Requires a radically self awareness - where we become aware of who we are within the equality and oneness equation that is of and as this Universe.

There is no escaping what is Here - and through self honesty we can see - that we have no where to go.

Nothing is going to happen over night - nothing is going to happen in just 1 year. The Process of Rebirth takes moment to moment Living to establish a place of worth. Where we become real through breathing here - getting out of our heads of what we want to happen - and getting back to the Physical Reality where we take action to make things happen.

What is necessary to be done is for each of us comfortable within this world to Face Ourselves. Face this World - and ask ourselves, "Can I face every being Here without shame - can I stand in the Shoes of ALL without fear?" Currently - no we cannot, and this is what we must correct.

2012 will come and go and we will only create more of the hell on earth that currently exists. Until we WAKE UP to the Realization that WE are Responsible and from there - LIVE the realisation. Live the Principle of What is Best for All - LIve the Principle of Equality and Oneness. Stop seeking instant gratification and start slowing down to see who we have actually become. A Mental Machine that has no concept of what is Actually Here as ALL. Time to Face our own enslavement and limitation. From Here - we have the power to change.

Wake Up - stop the Beliefs and desire of what this year could mean - and start Living yourself into a World that is Best for All until it is done.

Become aware of who/how/why/where we are and consider being the change.