30 March 2011

Day 6 Vulnerability is the ability to be Open

I feel like I’m full of shit. Especially with this writing my blog. I don’t even remember what I write about. I tell myself I’m just writing in the moment – but is this real expression or self deception? Because there is this expectation for being self honest within my writing. Like why am I afraid to be honest about what I’m experiencing within myself. Like maybe I’m judging my own experience of myself, so I attempt to hide it and instead write in a way to protect myself so that I don’t have to be vulnerable. Because I can see where/how vulnerability scares me – but why should it? If I accepted myself unconditionally, it wouldn’t matter. It shouldn’t matter. It does matter – yet I make it real through my participation within it. Allowing it to decide that I will not push myself to expose myself more or share myself more openly here.

Vulnerability is the ability to be open. To stand here Exposed without shame. TO trust in myself enough to say yes – this is what I’ve allowed, but I take responsibility and stop it and forgive myself. To have no fear of anyone else – realizing all are me.

So let’s stop presenting something that is not real – something that masks to truth – because this is why the world Suffers. We cover the truth of the abuse that exists within bright lights and pretty faces of the entertainment industry. And this is unacceptable. See how each individual participates in creating this collectively as the world.

I can see my participation. So I stop myself. And Change myself into and as Equality – as what is Best for All.
If I was self honesty – I wouldn’t fear exposing anything or all things. And only I judge myself. So I stop. Again I tell myself – stop the judgments – as they are only Self Created.