27 March 2011

Day 4 - What do I allow?

Day 4

Getting ready to head home.

There are people all around me while I write this. And I see fear here. Because why? Because I fear what I have to say? Or am I still in judgment of it? like it's not relevant? but who decided?

I have already realized - me.

The only person judging this - is me. And so then it comes down to a fear of self.

What i find so cool about this - about this writing process that I have been exploring - of just writing without any sense of 'purpose', but just writing it out whatever is here, is that it is assisting me to stop fearing myself. To stop believing in the fears that i do experience or judgments or projections I place onto others - so I'm realizing it's about me, here, as who I am, what I allow and what I am willing to take responsibility for.

I'm learning how to let go.

I'm learning how to trust myself

I'm learning how to take responsibility

I'm learning how to stand up

I'm learning about myself. About who I've been and who I actually am. Through seeing as the words what is possible.

In letting go and writing here - I'm realizing that life is potentional. Now it's just to Live it as me. And an expression of myself. And to realize that Life may be potentional - but unless it is Lived, every moment of a Stand as myself - it's not real. It will never be real - it will only be words. empty words.

Still letting go and realizing that Nothing can of 'distraction' - unless I allow it. Yes, I am really that powerful.b