14 March 2014

329: Eating to Feed my Body, not my Ego

Here, the corrective and commitment statements in relation to the previous blog, "328: The Ego in What I Eat"

When and as I see myself defining some foods as good and others as bad, I stop and I breathe and bring myself out of the interpretations of my mind and instead be here, in this physical reality, breathing with/as my physical body and thus seeing the food as an equal physical substance that sustains and supports my physical life and living and so I commit myself to stop defining/seeing/perceiving foods from within/as my mind and instead see it, in all it's forms, as physical substance from/as the earth

When and as I see myself attaching a positive energy or negative energy to the foods in which I am going to eat, I stop and I breathe and bring myself out of the mind and back here, grounded in physical reality, through/as my physical body as breath and thus bring myself back to the realization that when/as I give positive or negative values as definitions/judgments to the foods I eat, I then influence myself in how I will experience myself and the foods I eat - creating a polarity relationship in which then I give the power to influence my experience as either positive or negative, without seeing/realizing/understanding that those positive and negative feelings and emotions as energy related to food, has got actually nothing to do with the food - the foods I eat are not actually positive or negative and so I commit myself to realize these judgment/definitions I am giving to foods as either positive or negative is my creation and thus I am accepting and allowing myself to have a polarity relationship to/towards foods that cause conflict and friction within me as I am not stable, here, grounded in physical reality and thus seeing and eating physical substance, instead I am consuming the energy in which I've attached to the foods and allow that to dictate how I experience myself and so I commit myself to stop giving energy as positive feelings or negative emotions to the foods that I eat and instead learn about the various physical substance that is food, in all it's forms, and thus learn what best supports my body - realizing I do not require a positive or negative attachments to the foods I eat

When and as I see myself defining some foods as good or bad as positive or negative, I stop and I breathe and bring myself back to earth, as my body, as this physical reality and thus back to the realization that I am of/as the same source/substance as my food - both equally from/as the earth and so I commit myself to stop separating myself from the foods I eat, as the source and substance from which I come, and instead stand equal to and one with the foods I eat as physical support for my physical body and thus interacting, within awareness, with the source of me which is the earth, that which is of life and so allowing me to live life

When and as I see myself resisting or wanting to avoid certain foods within a starting point of judgment as thinking and believing 'these foods are bad for me' - I stop and I breathe and bring myself out of the judgment of the mind, out of the energy that influence my experience, and instead bring myself back to breath, back to earth as I see/realize/understand that I am the one causing/triggering the reaction as a negative experience in relation to foods and so it is my responsibility to stop and not allow a negative reaction/judgment to determine what i do or who I am - instead i commit myself to investigate the foods I eat, test different foods as getting to know what best supports my physical body and thus do not deliberately not eat foods out of fear or judgment without investigating it for myself - doing the research and testing out what works and what doesn't and thus supporting my physical body as the earth supports me with the foods it provides, unconditionally

When and as I see myself reacting to the world's view of certain foods, as making it my own view, I stop and I breathe and do not allow myself to participate in the acceptance of my worlds perspective of foods and instead investigate for myself and thus decide for myself what is best for my body as I see/realize/understand that when/as I react to what I hear from others about certain foods, I am essentially allowing another the authority over me to tell me what to eat and what not to eat; what to believe and what not to believe - and so here I commit myself to find out for myself, what is here, as the foods we consume, how it works with my physical body - what my physical body is best supported by and thus implement a dietary relationship wherein fear or reactions I've seen within others are no longer influencing me in how I eat and instead I decide for me, what is best for me

When and as I see myself going to eat a meal or a snack, I stop and I breathe, before I allow myself to go into the options within my mind wherein I have placed some foods in the positive/good column and others in the bad/negative column and thus play-out the pattern of eating certain foods from a starting point of a reaction as emotion or feeling and instead stop the pattern before I allow it to play-out - instead I breathe through any reactions/thoughts/back chats/imaginations that come up in relation to what I am about to eat and instead breathe and apply self forgiveness until I am clear and here and thus able to make a decision based on self honesty and within practical, physical reality - here I commit myself to test ways of getting to know myself, see what it is the body is indicating it requires as source of substance and so find ways to learn about my body, what foods best support it and thus get to know the real me, as the body, as the flesh that is from/as this earth, instead of participating within the me as the mind that currently is driven by fear and desire

When and as I see myself wanting to make a decision about the foods I will eat within a starting point of positive energy as wanting/desiring a specific outcome such as eating something that will not support more weight and thus desiring to be thin - I stop and I breathe and do not allow myself to continue participating in feeding the ego as self interest instead of the real body as my physical in support of what is real, and not what is fake - I see/realize/understand that the relationship I have created to/towards foods is that of self abuse and manipulation and imposing an image within my mind unto my physical body and thus forcing myself to eat in ways in which will produce a matching image as the one in my mind - here I commit myself to further investigate the relationship I have created to/towards my physical body, where clearly I am still accepting and allowing myself to judge my physical body in it's shape/form as comparing it to images within my mind, images on magazines, images in the movies as that which is 'the best' and thus desire to have this same look - I commit myself to letting go of this self abusive relationship I have created towards my body and thus the foods that I eat and redefine my relationship with my body and the foods I eat to be based within/as the principle of what is best for all - no longer using foods and my body to fulfill a desire as the image within my mind that I think will keep me safe and secure in this world and in the eyes of others and instead bring myself back to me here, back to what is real, back to the functioning of my physical body and no more valuing the shape of my physical body

I commit myself to walking the physical process of changing who I am in relation to foods, to no longer being a point that sustains/feeds my ego as self interest as the mind and instead, bring it back to a grounded, practical, physical relationship wherein I eat because the physical substance feeds/nourishes and thus sustains my physical body and it's functioning

I commit myself to releasing myself of any/all mind components that arise when/as I am considering what to eat, through self forgiveness and breathing and to instead get to know my body as becoming physically aware of my body, and thus the communication taking place as that which is best for my body - and so learning how to be aware of myself as my body when/as I am deciding on what to eat - seeing what the body is asking for and not what the mind is asking for as that which feeds/fuels the mental fears and/or desires

I commit myself to continuing working with this point of who I am in relation to foods/my diet to get myself to a point wherein I am no longer interested in eating foods for a particular outcome, projected within the mind, and instead as a physical interaction with the body of the earth that produce foods to support the physical body of me, here

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