06 March 2014

326: Stopping the Cycles and Creating Real Change

Continuing from the previous blog, "Day 325: What Are my Reasons for Wanting Change?"

When and as I see myself 'hyping' myself up with positive energy/feelings in relation to implementing changes within myself and my day to day living, I stop and I breathe and bring myself back to the realization that change is not and should not be about making myself 'feel good' as the reward of positive energy and instead be a decision based in self honesty and self responsibility to who I am and thus how I participate within this world and so I commit myself to stop myself when I see I am going into a positive energy reaction in relation to making/implementing changes in my day and instead I commit myself to walk the physical day to day, moment to moment process that ensures my consistency and stability within the actual point of real change so that it becomes a change that stands the test of time and not just a fad or hype I participate in for a moment to give myself a fix of positive energy

When and as I see myself reacting positively towards changes I have or am currently implementing in my day to day living, as thinking "i'm doing well" or any other ideas about me that define me within a positive light, I stop and I breathe and bring myself out of the positive energy reaction and ground myself back into physical reality, physical life and physical living that does not require positive energy as I see/realize/understand that with such a reaction after making changes, I was not clear in my starting point for why I made the changes; the decision was within a negative context as the positive experience proves the polarity I am currently playing out and so I commit myself to stop the positive reaction and instead investigate the origin of my decision for the changes I am/have been implementing and so thus remove the negative energy/experience as ideas or beliefs or fears or worries that motivated me into the point of making changes instead of it being a self directive, self honest reason for moving myself within change and so I commit myself to investigate myself within writing and self forgiveness, to expose to myself 'where' I was coming from and to release myself from any negative thought patterns that directed me to move

When and as I see myself exalting myself above myself or as being superior to myself or others in relation to making/implementing changes within myself/my life, I stop and I breathe and bring myself out of the ego of the mind as self interest and instead stand here, equal with/as all life, within this physical reality and instead I commit myself to walk a process of self honesty as making changes because it's what's best for all and not within a starting point to make myself feel or look better - I see, realize and understand that this perpetuate who I currently am as a human and what that creates within this world is a world where each one is for themselves and does not consider who they are and how that 'who they are' affects the whole and so I commit myself to stop being selfish in my reasons for wanting to change as another way to define myself as better or more than and instead, walk humbly and with consideration of the world around me and how my actions and thus who I am, determine what my world exists as and consists of

When and as I see myself making absolute statements within myself of "I have changed" after a few days/moments or opportunities of applying changes, i stop and I breathe and do not allow myself to continue to feed myself with positive energy as feeling good about myself and instead ground myself back into the physical reality and the reality of the process it takes to change and that is through/within time, walking consistently and with stability as the proof that, in time, I have changed and I am standing within principles in relation to the changes and thus have actually changed me as the nature of who I am and so I commit myself to not get 'ahead' of myself as going into my mind about the process of change I am walking, and instead stay in-breath and here, with the physical reality, allowing change to be a slow but sure process of everlasting change that do in fact stand the test of time

When and as I see myself reacting negatively to any particular point within myself or my reality and to from within this negative reaction, make the decision to 'change something' - I stop and I breathe and do not allow myself to make a decision about myself or about my life in such a reaction, as I see/realize/understand the polarity play-out I am then creating where form the negative, I attempt to attain the positive and from the positive, I crash back into the negative and thus cycling through the emotions and feelings as positive and negative energies and thus never actually create real, substantial change, yet only create constant conflict and friction within myself which only distract and prolong the inevitable reality that the energy consumption must stop and I must bring myself back to earth, grounded in reality, breathing in my body and walk the real process of change where the energies produced by me through participation in the mind as positive and negative perceptions and reaction no longer direct me or move me within who I am and thus what i live and instead I become the self directive principle of me, here, working with the physical reality, taking into consideration what is practical, what is best for all, and so what is best for me to be the real change I want to see in this world and that is by becoming real and no longer an automated reactor that respond only to positive or negative reactions to myself and my world - I commit myself to remove the filters of the mind that interpret reality as how I 'think' I see it and instead see for real - what is here, who I am, what is necessary to change, how do I do that and then apply those changes in my life, day to day, moment to moment, accumulating a new nature that no longer serves self interest as self definition and instead stand equal to and one with all life, HERE

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