28 June 2013

206: Do we Care About those that Go Without their Basic Human Rights? Or Just Ourselves?

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within a limited version of myself wherein when I am faced without a basic human right, such as electricity - to exist within loneliness and isolation and not once consider this as the reality for many other people currently existing on this same planet as me - wherein they constantly go without basic human rights, such as electricity, and that is "just the way it is" and so within this - never question and wonder or contemplate why the hell I would have this type of right and others do not and so within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to only consider electricity a basic human right as a comfort and practical tool for efficient living on earth once it is removed from my reality, where I no longer have access to it, and only then consider this is the same for many others who are not in the same position as me - where I am comfortable within the current economic system as I have money to ensure I have electricity - others do not have such a means or are born into a position that does not allow for this access and so seeing the inconsideration of my existence as I do not question our world and reality and the current lack of basic human rights that exist for all because I DO have access to them

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to, 99% of my time, not care about others who go daily without basic human rights, such as electricity, and only consider them when I find myself 'in the same boat' - revealing that humanity seems to require consequences, here in/as their reality, as the suffering that exists for so many on a daily basis, before we will start to question what is actually going on in this world and dare to stand in the shoes of another and consider solution that would be of support and honor to all

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not care about the rest of humanity while I am comfortable within the current economic system - where I have a home and electricity to light my room and turn on my computer and cook my food and all these things I do not really see how it functions or how it has become a means of separation and isolation for so many other people where they do not have access to such a lifestyle - and I am not even living the 'good life' in that I have money to support myself, but I cannot afford to splurge on things unnecessarily and yet even my life is elitist as I have the comforts and support of basic human rights such as electricity and others do not and this is unacceptable and should be daily within our  awareness as finding a solution as to no longer exist as a careless humanity but instead a giving humanity - considering others as ourselves and ensuring ALL are supported and comforted within this world

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to whine and complain with having no electricity for only three days of my life - wherein I think and believe "my life is so hard" instead of standing in the shoes of people in this world that must face this daily because our current economic system does not provide our rights to life and the support of practical tools for efficient and dignified living such as electricity and because people within the comfort of the current economic system do not dare question the reality that is here for ALL and not just ourselves - because we do not question or understand what is actually going on in this world and how it is functioning and how we support it's existence through our daily lives and participation - nothing changes, because we have not yet realized WE must be the change

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear no longer being protected by the safety bubble that money has provided me within this cruel economic system - where I basically was born in the 'right area' on earth where I have the necessities of life and do not have to taste the harshness of what is actually here and within this can turn the other cheek and not dare question our current economic system because it feeds me and no way can you bite the hand that feeds you and so within this I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to fear challenging the system that is here that produce and support inequality in all ways and simplistically by not providing ALL with the right to life within basic human rights where all are provided within the means necessary to actually live a life of dignity and no longer within fear or resentment because imagine how one must feel being 'cut off' by the system - where they do not have access to electricity or clean running water or a food supply -  living in the slums of the cities and seeing how 'the other side' lives - imagine what one would do to ensure their survival and how one must feel in seeing that those of us that actually have the means to create a system of worth for ALL do absolutely nothing about the rest of humanity - one would perhaps questioning the true nature of humanity and see we are not actually humane

When and as I see myself feeling safe and secure within my protection bubble of money and losing sight of what actually matters in this world, as the rest of humanity and what is here as the manifestation of "humanity" as suffering, abuse and neglect - I stop and I breathe and I bring myself out of my self interest comforts of life and realize that without money I am equal to those on the 'other side' of the same coin - those that live daily without support as basic human rights - and so I see/realize/understand my responsibility within the position I find myself within our world - I have resources and access to human rights that allow me to live and thus it is my responsibility to become aware and directive in being the change - within and without - in stopping the experience of isolation for all and bring humanity within the awareness of what is here as our current world system - and what it produce and who we are when we turn our cheeks - I commit myself to getting to know our current economic and social structures as the world systems to be able to find practical solutions in changing what is here into what is best for all as I see/realize/understand that to be able to live comfortably and not questioning why others are not able to be equal in the same comfort is a crime against life and actually turning my cheek from  myself as life and so I commit myself to stand in the shoes of ALL that is here and give to another as I would like to receive and love ALL as myself in no longer allowing my self interest and fear becoming the one that suffers due to our accepted economic structure, and instead face it and question it and expose it for the harshness, careless reflection humanity as become.

I commit myself to educate myself within the resources I have available so that I can never claim ignorance but instead to be a voice for the voiceless and realize that until ALL are free, none are free and so I commit myself to produce myself in such a way where I am able to give others a life I would like for myself, which is one with basic human rights that produce a life of dignity and honor - with the ability to Actually Live and exist with all of humanity where no one feels left out or abandoned, but instead ALL here, sharing in the life equal for all

I commit myself to investigate and understand solutions such as the Basic Income Grant and the Equal Money System proposed by the Equal Life Foundation as REAL solutions that are practical and will inevitable change what is being accepted and allowed on earth within realizing the ONE POINT that directs and influence ALL of humanity and our experience here and who we are is MONEY and so learn how to remove the abuse within ourselves in relation to Money where we use it as a blindfold to not have to be responsible for how it allows some to suffer and go without their right to Life and turn it into a support structure that allows ALL to LIVE here - as their birth right and so I commit myself to standing with/as a group that will GIVE to ALL their right to Life, as Basic Human Rights and never again allow myself to separate myself from the Life that is Here in fear of facing what I have created - instead I stand responsible, educate myself and position myself to be fully effective in/as this world in creating what is Best for ALL

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