11 July 2012

2012: Thoughts were Taught

Ever heard this great and almighty statement of Philosophy, "I am able to think, therefore I exist." Or in the form I most heard it throughout my life, "I think, therefor I am."

This is the easiest LIE we have told ourselves.. have a look, when you were born into this world, as a baby emerging from the darkness... within you existed NO THOUGHT. You were just here. Yes, we might claim to THINK that babies think, but that is just OUR projection of our enslavement to the Mind of Thoughts onto our children.

Thoughts are taught.

The world, as shown above, has accepted themselves as a thinking machine, where we exist in separation of who we are as Life in fact, as the body, as the breath... as we can see we do not even now how our body functions - it functions for us, so from this perspective we have made ourselves inferior to Life; Life that is Real/Here/Physical.

And because of our acceptance of our EXISTENCE within the alternate reality of the Mind where we can be anything we desire - any character we wish to play in any moment of time, we teach our children "this is who you are". And so as a child develops, they learn the ILLS of this world to exist within the ILLusion of the Mind - they are forced, as we put them in our society that functions based on this premises: You are a thinker.

Babies and children are free - in that they have not yet enslaved themselves, as we have, to our Minds in accepting that internal voice that directs us as 'who we are', we teach them.

Proof that thought is taught: I was born in America. With that, the language I was taught was in English. Within my mind, the language I speak is English. Go to a different part of the world, say, Mexico.. and the language spoken is Spanish. When the Mexican children develop their language - they learn to think in spanish. Same with any other place in the world - China, the children think in their language, Chinese.

SO - what can we conclude from this? Thought is taught with the learning of Language. Thus - when we are born - we are not 'thinkers' - we are simply here. And unless we are so ignorant to say that a child does not exist in it's first few years before it develops a language, we can clearly see that THINKING does not define our Existence... we have only created it to, through accepting that is who we are.

A baby is born into this world = no thought = and yet it exists. So sorry Descartes.. you had it wrong my friend, thoughts do not define our existence. We have only enslaved ourselves to it.

Investigate desteni - we are uncovering the illusion we have placed over our eyes through the lies of the Mind where we THINK up great shit we entertain ourselves with in wonderment and awe. While the World here, the physical flesh of this earth is suffering - because our lack of any self awareness at all about who we are and how we are creating this world. We stop what we are doing by stopping our creation of the mind as the participation we allow within the alternate realities that is separate from this ONE reality. Get out of your Head - and LIVE for REAL, as the children do - as they are examples of LIFE that express's itself in it's Fullness.

Again, Investigate Desteni and Investigate Equal Money - let's step Up and create a World that is best for all - so that we don't have to exist in an alternate reality within our minds to feel better and not face the Reality that is real for us all.