18 September 2011

Are you Waiting for the Showering of the Universe?

"The more that I appreciate and show gratitude, the more the Universe showers on me." This is an age old lie - that is perpetuated in many different forms. Through Christianity, within the Belief, if I give myself to a 'savior' I will be 'saved'. More Recently it has been presented within the Secret and the 'Law of Attraction'. Abraham Hicks - and many other channels sells this stuff to keep people blind and bind to their ignorance. Simply - within this Statement, stand in the shoes of another. How about another this exists in Poverty, in a society without Money - where they have to scrap and sell themselves to feed themselves. Would this statement Apply to them? So, Standing EQUAL as a child in Africa, that is one of millions without food or clean water, can I say to myself - "The more I appreciate and how Gratitude, the more the Universe showers on Me" First I would say - what the Hell am I to be grateful for? For this suffering? For no food? For no Water? For no care of the Rest of the World - where people live within the illusion of Choice that they are able to pick and choose what they will eat tonight. This statement only supports the current Capitalistic Society. That tells you to consume and consume and be grateful that you are not the one that starves. This is Mind Control and Enslavement and to accept this statement to be true is Deliberate Deception - and we should be ashamed. WAKE UP. To make this Statement a LIVING Statement in Practical Reality - we would create a System of Equality, where ALL are supported within their basic Needs. Then All are a LIving Example of the Universe 'showering' on us. We will no longer need to wait for something to make us grateful, we will be living a System of Gratitude. Where we give to another what we would like to Receive - LIFE. www.eqaulmoney.org www.desteni.co.za