22 March 2011

Because ALL are Here Equally

Day 8

It's amazing what can happen within communication. When we open ourselves to more then what we have allowed.

There is a person within my world that I have had many resistances to. Maybe not ones that stick out to be so obvious to me like, hey, here is super reaction, or anything like that, but I can see where 'back chat' within the Mind existed. Always have a thought about her, or become annoyed or irritated or impatient in her presence. My mind always telling me it was irrelevant to stop and talk.

Then - the situation was 'forced' for me to face. She came to me, overwhelmed and in tears. And so we talked. and I breathed. And I just listened.

I tend to want to talk and spew and talk and give advise and talk and not let the other person realize for themselves, but me just wanting to preach preach preach my all knowings. (I know this is ego - I know this is part of my programming - something Ive been becoming more and more aware of).

So I just listened. This is when I become impatient. This is when I want to 'run away' - as in Leave the situation because I tell myself there is no 'point'. Yet, this is taking Direction as the Mind, being a slave to a thought or a voice in my head - instead of breathing and deciding for myself what I will do.

So I stopped, and breathed. and stopped and breathed. and she kept tlaking. And talking and talking and talking.

And I realize, the point was that she's aware. The communication is not 'pointless' because we are equal. And she is just as valuable as anything else I value.

This assisted and supported me to realize that I'm not the Only 'One'. That there is more, and others, that have realized for themselves - things of themselves - and I am not more or better then anyone. Only within my Mind am I - the Eye of Self Interest.

So cool support, and humbling communication.

That's it for tonight. Reminding myself that all are one - as equals, all Are in this together. All are here to support and be supported. Because All are Here Equally.