23 January 2017

530: The Need for Speed

The other day I was walking in the grocery store picking up just a few things. I was on my way to work after, but with plenty of time to pick up the few things I needed. There was no rush. However, the way I was walking you would think it was 80 degrees outside and I had a dog in the car. At one point, I went down an isle with a woman who had a cart with her, and was coming toward me, and I going toward her, and there in the middle of us were two workers stocking the shelf. The isle became narrow, and I just plowed my way through - apologizing and excusing myself while I sped past her.

In that moment I realized whoa - here you go... you are walking WAY too fast. You have plenty of time, and look how you just forced yourself through people without stopping. I stopped in my tracks in that moment. I took a breath, and I saw here was the perfect moment to slow down and consider my speed.

I walked slowly to the cash register... reflecting how part of the pattern of my speedy walking is where I don't consider others. I often 'take the lead' where I will go first if ever at a point where me and another person are going in the same direction, or if one must move out of the way to allow the other to get by. That will be me. I actually have been becoming more aware of this in the past year at work, and now here I see how nicely it's tied in with this need for speed. The need for speed in my case equals lacking consideration of others.

How much do we miss when we are zooming through life? How much do we cut off others? How much do we not offer them to go first, to take the lead, to slow down within ourselves, become humble perhaps, and allow others to move first. Why do we need to go first? Why do we feel right to go first? How would we like others to be with us? Moving so fast they cut us off because perhaps they didn't even notice us? Or slow enough to be aware of their surroundings, and so considerate of others?

This also reminds me of something even my co-workers have noticed about me... being like a bull in a china shop. Now while I realize moving fast is necessary at work, doesn't mean I have to be sloppy, or messy, or all over the place. Fastness or speediness can be directive... not whaling about knocking things and people over that are in my path.

So another dimension that goes along with this considerations of others in my slowing down... consideration of my surroundings. Respecting people and things in my environments, directing myself to become patience, slow, and considerate.

Will continue in blogs to come...

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