528: Walking with Awareness

Today I was reading a group discussion in relation to stress. One of the points brought up was regarding the experience of rushing/fastness when one is stressed. That then brought up the point of the speed in which one walks.

I have for a long time been a fast walker. Generally I must slow down with certain people. Within me there is this 'I'm already steps ahead of you', and I have to literally hold myself back. I have often dubbed this up to being in the service industry most of my adult life and so simply through needing to move fast while at work, this spilled over into my every day life when I'm walking.

I have never really taken any time to look at this point though, so that is why I wanted to write a blog about it - to bring some awareness to myself as I walk, and to see if I can deliberately slow myself down. Within that, I can investigate the experience of slowing down - if there are any thoughts/reactions to slowing down. And in that, can forgive any points that do not support me to slow down, be here, and walk within awareness.

Already I can see that I like to walk with a purpose... or at least that is how I have come to see it. It's interesting though that this point would open up for me now, as I just started a book by one of my favorite authors, Paulo Coelho, and in it (The Pilgrimage) he describes exercises he's taught on a walk - the Road to Santiago, wherein they practice for 20 min every day slowing down the speed of the walk by half so that the focus is not about getting to your destination, but to be here, aware, and engaging with what's around you.

So I will take this as an opportunity to slow myself down - physically - in my walk, and as my journey. I have come to see that physical behavior influence the thoughts I have, and so the experience of myself, just like the thoughts I have can influence the physical behavior. So whether we are changing our thoughts, or our body - both are an equal opportunity to become self-directive.

One example of this is where I was supported to change my physical posture - and within practicing that, standing up straighter, opening up my chest, I could see all sorts of reactions that I still am walking through today. And so changing the pace in which I walk, and establishing a self-directive within it, I'm sure will open up more flood gates as thought patterns ingrained in my physical body. It's amazing and actually a cool reference point I never really saw or considered before this moment... when changing our physical behavior, we can unleash and unlock physically ingrained patterns we've developed and participated in throughout times. How cool is that... simply change your physical stance in some moment and see what reveals itself. Your body, just like your mind, here to assist and support you in getting to know yourself as who you've created, accepted and allowed yourself to be.

I suggest anyone else wanting to see the gift that is the physical, and the trappings of the mind - take one physical behavior, like how you old your hands, or how you are postured, or how fast or slow you walk, and deliberately change it... see what the mind reveals to you about you!

I will share my findings in blogs to come!

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