25 April 2016

452: The One Thing We LOVE to Talk About....

Majority of our conversations consists of what? Can you guess?

I’ve observed recently just how much our interactions with each other is solely about OTHER people. Granted those people are around us, living among us, part of our family, or friends network, and people we work with but take a look and take notice, become aware of the fact that majority of what we talk about with one another is about other people.

We have opinions, and ideas, and beliefs, mostly interpretations, about what other people say and do; how they behave and conduct themselves within their lives. Our focus is so much projected outward, it’s no wonder we have no clue who we are, or what's going on in this world as the outer reflection of each individual. We spend so much time judging, and analyzing why others do what they do, or say what they say, and often we cast our judgments in a way that makes us feel smarter, or better, or superior, or somehow more right based on how we see other’s living and making decisions in their life.

When all of this – all of our communications about others – is absolutely, completely, totally USELESS. It doesn’t matter. We’ve created ourselves and our interaction with others to become 100% irrelevant. We speak empty words, and project judgments, and cast our eyes down on others. And for what? Because we are curious? Because it makes us feel better about our own lives? Because we think we can? Or we should? Or is it because we just get a kick out of worrying more about other people than ourselves. Are we hiding from ourselves? Are we afraid of ourselves? Do we think making others out to be wrong or bad is somehow making ourselves good or right?

The problem within this as far as I can see, is we are so deliberately abdicating our own self-reflection and so our self-responsibility. We are so consumed with others, we forget about ourselves… or again, perhaps it’s a deliberate action of turning away from ourselves, and we keep ourselves busy and distracted with other people and their life, and so within that, somehow think we are absolved from the responsibility we have for who we are and the life we live.

We don’t look at who WE ARE in relation to other people… we don’t DARE to consider why we may have an opinion or judgment or perception of another person, and how that in fact relates to ourselves. We don’t question any negative thoughts or emotions about other people… why ‘they’ make us angry, or annoyed, or irritated… we just ACCEPT our opinions made about others to be REAL and ‘they’ are the wrong ones, the misinformed ones, the lost ones. Come on... if we have all the answers to how one should be living their life, why are we not LIVING that example? Why are we not broadcasting the Answer we believe we have to the rest of the world? Why are we not DIRECTLY speaking to, and saying to others what we say ABOUT them behind their back?

When have we considered ‘they’ are ‘us’- the mirror of SELF… the equality of ALL life existing in each other. What we see in another, is in fact ourselves. What we feel about another, we in fact feel about ourselves. How we talk about another, we talk in the same way about ourselves. YET – we are not self-honest about it. We don’t face that reality… we ignore, and suppress it because when it comes down to it, we are not WILLING to FACE ourselves, our REAL nature of spite and anger and resentments and jealousy... We are not willing to take responsibility for WHO WE ARE and stop worrying and concerning ourselves about what others do with their life.

You have NO power or control over what others do or say or who they are. Your ONLY power exists within who you are, what you do and say… what exists in your mind. And until we become absolutely responsibility for THAT…. Our focus on others is just a waste of time…. A waste of our life.

I dare you to become aware of how and what you speak to others… what your topic of discussion is, and I dare you to ask yourself if it really Matters… if it is constructive, or destructive - if it's relevant in fact to what really matters in this world, and if it's what this world needs. I dare you to consider who YOU are when speaking about others… to understand the nature of what your experience is towards others and those you speak so much about, and to investigate HOW you do it to yourself, or within your own life. I dare you to be Self-Honest and to face the nastiest parts of YOU that hide behind the faults of others.

Until you become purified, and innocent, and living as what is best for all… a shining example of the potential of/as Life, then your words are meaningless and a waste of your time and Life.

I dare you to Look within and stop projecting yourself without unto others. I dare YOU to See YOU for Real.

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