16 August 2014

361: The Responsibility I have when Living with Others

Here I am continuing with the self-corrective statements in relation to the previous blog.

When and as I see myself reacting negatively to what another says to me in the form of gossip, or within such a statement of, "this person said this about you," I stop here and I breathe and do not allow myself to go into any negative reactions, as I see this is the pattern that usually comes with such a statement, and so instead I breathe and make sure that if any reactions move within me or come up within me, I stop and breathe as stabilizing myself HERE, grounded within my physical body and not reacting within my mind as I see, realize, and understand the outflow from such participation and so I commit myself to slowing myself down in moments of communicating with others, especially when one approaches me with any kind of 'gossip' or saying someone said something about me - I commit myself to stop any reactions as not participating within the pattern that I see no longer serves me or what is best for all

When and as I see myself reacting negatively to what another has said about me in relation to how I exist within our living environment, I stop and I breathe and stabilize the reaction that comes up as no longer participating in the pattern of going into defense, as if someone is attacking me, instead I breathe in/as my body and in that moment, assess the words of another and in self honesty, determine whether the words are a valid assessment of who I have been in the living environment, and so from there decide how I can correct myself as I see, realize, and understand that this is a much more practical and 'best for all' approach to such a situation rather than taking things personally and making it more of  conflict then necessary

I commit myself to use the feedback of others, in any shape, way, or form from a point of unconditionally HEARING what words are HERE for me to self-reflect and from there, determine if I am living to my utmost potential in the living environment, which is to consider others as myself and to make sure that is my principle of living in the house with others, as ensuring to prevent any conflicts that are not necessary and so always ensuring I am taking the road of self honesty in making sure that I am doing what is necessary of me, and so if a point is brought up, to address it with stability and clarity, rather than with reactions and emotions

When and as I see myself reacting within my mind in the form of back chat about others in my living environment, I stop and I breathe and do NOT allow myself to participate in the creation of inner/outer war, as I see, realize, and understand that if I am back chatting about others, then I am missing a point of self responsibility and thus must become self honest about what I am accepting and allowing and where my participation has not been in the consideration of others that I live with, as I would like others to consider me, and so I commit myself to not allow myself to back chat about others, but to instead ground myself with breathing and assess myself in self honesty to see where any corrections can be made

When and as I see myself reacting to others as not being more understanding or forgiving with me in relation to my living environment, I stop and I breathe and do not participate in this game of self-pity and basically wanting the recognition for what I have done, and not what I didn't do - instead of being willing to take responsibility for ALL that I do, not just the 'good stuff', and so here I commit myself to take and stand responsible for myself in every moment and for ALL that I do or don't do within my living environment that creates the consequence from which I will have to walk and face and so I commit myself to take the approach of prevention is the best cure, and so consider others within my living environment as I would like them to consider me and so stop any reactions or conflicts from forming through how I apply myself specifically in relation to cleaning up after myself throughout all the areas of the house

When and as I see myself moving from/as the starting point of getting recognition or praise for doing things around the house, I stop and I breathe and stabilize myself in that moment before I move again, as I see, realize, and understand that this starting point is dishonest as it exists within self interest and so I commit myself to instead align my starting point for cleaning up after myself within my living environment to be that of what is practically best for all in the house, and so taking responsibility for my equal participation within the creation of a harmonious and effective living environment

When and as I see myself rushing throughout the house as getting myself ready to go to work, I stop and I breathe and bring myself back to the moment, back to myself HERE, and look around me to ensure that I am leaving my environment in the way in which I found it, as I see, realize, and understand that in this pattern of rushing around to get to work on time, I can potentially leave something behind that could cause a reaction within my housemate and so here, I commit myself to take my time and apply myself in such a way where I am not rushing, but instead here, able to walk moment to moment, aware of what I am doing and how I am leaving the environment in which I am moving through and so clean up after myself as considering others that live with me - here doing unto others as I would have done unto me

When and as I see myself becoming reactive towards others that I define as 'reacting for no reason' or thinking 'they' have a problem, I stop and I breathe and bring myself out of the projection, as in this moment I am doing the very thing in which I am blaming another for, and so I do not accept and allow this of myself, and instead bring myself back to breath, back to me here, back to the responsibility I have always of who I am and how I live and to thus bring through an awareness of other people and who they are within their minds, and their lives, and give the understanding and patience to others that I would like for myself and so I commit myself to not project myself to unto others as blaming them for being reactive, when I realize this is exactly the same point I am participating in and so I commit myself to become responsible for me in every moment and to ensure I am giving to others what I would like to receive, which is patience and understanding and the time to change myself in the ways in which I see I am able to

To be continued...

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