29 March 2014

332: The Greatest Gift to Self

One of the most valuable things I have learned since walking the Desteni Process... the one thing that gave me the ability to stand up for myself... the one thing that gave me a purpose I was complacently waiting for throughout all of my life... the one thing that allowed me to see the real power I actually have... the one thing that I use to develop self empowerment.. .the one thing that changed my life, my perspective of myself, my perspective of this world... the one thing that changed the way I lived my life... the one thing that gave me a sense of hope that was more substantial than any positive feeling as it was something I could put into practice within my life, in all areas... in everything that I do... the one thing that gave me back the ability to LIVE.... was the one thing that was always here, yet I was always so busy waiting, looking, hoping it would be given to me by someone, or something... some greater force outside of myself... the one thing I NEVER considered would be the key to stop self-victimization and give me a solid ground to stand on from which I could come to realize the reality I am a part of.. the one thing that supports me day in and day out - no matter what I face.. the one thing I have with me always is the direction from which I steer...

That one thing is Self-Responsibility.

Oh so simple, yet something that seemed to always escape me.

So why self-responsibility? How can self responsibility change a person's life? How can it so dramatically change how one sees themselves, others and their reality? What the heck is self-responsibility? How does one even LIVE self-responsibly... I mean, what does that mean?

Self Responsibility is the ability to stand within yourself and realize... ALL is YOU. ALL is YOU? What does that mean? It means that no matter what is happening outside of you, in your world/reality/environment - no matter what is being done unto you, no matter what problems or challenges you may face, no matter what emotional turmoil you may be going through, no matter how bad things seem to be - you are in fact responsible for you and that my friends, is the greatest gift I have ever been given.

Once I started realizing and understanding the principle of self responsibility; that I was in fact, completely, and totally, absolutely, in all ways, always Responsible for ME - the burden and weight as the waiting game for the savior stopped and I started seeing the life I had in fact created myself. Where I lived, the debt I had, the people in my life, where I worked, everything I participated in, day in and day out, everything that surrounded me - was a reflection of ME.. and who I was in relation to all of me as my reality, was 100% my responsibility.

There is such freedom within this one simple point... this one simple realization that removes all blame and pointed fingers and stops the excuses of why my life is the way that it is and why it's going the way that it's going... It's the one thing that I have complete and utter control over, as to how I exist within this world, who I am within this world, and how I will decide to live in this world. When I become self responsible for every little thing in my mind, as my words and in my deeds - I become one without chains as I am removing myself from being a slave to someone else, or enslaved to something else - I no longer feel as if some force has got power over me, as I realize there is nothing outside of me here, there is nothing that is controlling me or directing me, that isn't done through my acceptance and allowance. Thus I am responsible. If I see myself as a victim to someone, as if 'they' are doing something deliberately 'to me' - I realize I have put myself in that position - I am thus responsible for the self-victimization I am imposing on MYSELF.

It takes practice and a process to walk, yet this one point, taking self-responsibility, empowers one within all aspects of life. I am no longer powerless to anything as the powerless is the absence of self-responsibility; of knowing who self is and how self will live and who self will be in the various situations that come up in life. It is the greatest thing one can give oneself, yet it's not even a giving to self - it is always here and how we react, interact and engage in our world/reality/life reflects whether we are standing self-responsible - our ability to respond to what is here.

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