13 February 2012

2012: "Every One Change in their Own Time"

"Every One change in their own time"

In Time - we believe we heal. Through time we believe things will 'fall into place'. In time we believe we will see the truth and find peace. But what is time and how does time move? Per second? Per Minute? Per hour, day, week, year? How do we grasp time and why is time something that happens to us? Why are we not living as time - walking with time breath by breath - moment by moment here?

The idea that 'every one change in their own time" implies everyone exists in their own reality. as if time is calculated and accumulated differently for each person. This implies separation as we say, "I am not there yet - I will get there in my own time" Don't we realize Time is here Equal and One with all - as we are all on One Earth, that moves the same and we have days and night and we are all walking through time together. No one has their own experience of time.... Unless you are in your Mind. In your Mind - you become a time traveler. Where you can visit the past and the future and real time completely escapes you as you are 'lost in time' within/as the Mind.

What is fascinating is that we think time is something that is happening to us - something outside of us. I use to tell myself and accepted the belief that 'time will heal all things' and thought that through Time I would find myself peaceful and understand my life and what I'm suppose to do. But I have come to realize that this is self deception - as I lived.. no I didn't live, I waited, just sat and waited for time to tell me who I am. I expected time to help me get over things in my life - believing that after enough time, I would feel better. But this is accepting enslavement - as I am then a slave to time as time keeps me from 'feeling better'. I have to wait for time to pass for me to get to a point where I feel ok in life.

The statement that "every One change in their own time" is a justification for ourselves to not be responsible for ourselves. As we might see a solution for ourselves and our world and this whole world - but yet we accept, "my time is moving slower to change - I will get there when I get there"

When the POINT is - WE ARE HERE. And that is time. The time is Here. We are Here and the ability to change within time is moment to moment. To start walking as equals with time through breathing - as then we are active participants with time - being real with time = walking the real timeline of life. Out of the Mind and here as the breath - this is what is real. And this time is real for all equally. Then we are here - participating within realty - out of the self interest living in the mind - where time eludes us.

Time to Wake up and see the deception we allow in the most simple ideas such as this. We beLIEve this statement is innocent - but when we see it with real eyes, we realize it's real lie. Time is not separate from us - and Time doesn't happen to us. Time is here as we live, walk, breathe and it's time to become self directive human beings that use time to create change that is best for all - within and without.

So stop letting time tell you who you are going to be and when. Decide to make the most of the time we have here to change ourselves - through stopping the dishonesty's we accept.

The Time is Now - the Place is Here. Who will we be In Time? In Real Time - that is equal for all? Walk as this equality breath by breath to start to see what is really here. Then we have the Power to change not only ourselves - but this world - into a place that is best for all. Real Life Living.

investigate desteni, and equal money to support yourself to become a real human being here that walk with real time to sort out ourselves in time. What are you waiting for?