03 September 2011

Breathing and Meditation - is there a Difference?

What is the difference between Breathing and Meditating? One might say - nothing, they are one and the same. Are they? What is Meditation? When I first began practicing meditation - it was because I had read that it was a way to 'calm the mind'. To become centered and silent within. I also learned about through psychic development classes I had taken (LOL - sounds silly to me now!). We were taught to focus on our breathing, to take deep breaths and to just quiet this mind. This would then allow for us to become 'in-tune' with our bodies, and be able to open ourselves up to a 'higher realm', or whatever term you want to use. It was suggested to allow the thoughts to pass like clouds in the sky - seeing them, but not reacting to them, or not following them. To just remain with the breath. It was a cool exorcise at the time, however, realizing what I have now realized about the Mind - I see it was not an actual solution and did not address the truth about the Mind or the reason for breathing. Within Desteni, it is suggested to breathe. In every moment that we are Here, to become the Directive Principle as ourselves, as the Physical Body that breathes. Taking the breathe in - holding, seeing how/if our minds are moving, and then to STOP THEM. And to not allow them - in realizing they are not who we are in Fact. Then to breathe out, in self Honesty, as the Silence of ourselves is Who we really are. So the difference - Meditation - is to sit down, quietly focus on your breathing and become aware of the Mind. This is a 'for the moment' experience. Those of us walking with Desteni - Destonians, we become the breath every moment of our lives. It becomes a Practical Living Statement of 'I AM HERE'. Meditation suggests you to see the thoughts, but let them be. Within Desteni - we Say - Breathe and Stop your Thoughts - as they are a distraction of what is Really here as ourselves as the Physical. Meditation offers no support in how to 'deal with' and 'investigate' our thoughts. It simply supports the idea that we are our Minds - that we are thinking Machines, and just for a Moment we may quiet ourselves. It is not a Consistent Application. It does not Stand the Test of Time. Breathing in every moment Here, we Become Equal and One as our Bodies, and start becoming more aware of how much our Minds actually move us throughout our days. How we have a definition/memory/association/judgment/belief/etc.. tied to everything that exists in our external Realities. This is where we are able to assist and support ourselves to take back Control and to no longer allow our Minds to be the dictator of ourselves. Meditation is another way we Medicate ourselves. To numb ourselves to what we've become, instead of seeing, stopping, and correcting. Meditation is a band aid. Breathing is healing.