20 June 2011

Desteni USA Meets in TX

SO this weekend was the Desteni America Meeting.

It was a very cool experience being with others that are Standing and applying and Living the Same Principles, and who are going through the same points. AND being around others willing to open up and share what it is that's being experienced, without fear was so cool. Much support was offered this weekend, not with the intentional offering of support - but just by communicating and sharing one's experience, I was able to relate to a lot of what was said, and assisted me in realizing it's not just me going through points within myself - I'm not the only one 'facing myself'.

We all have a secret world within ourselves/as our Minds - it's just whether we are willing to expose it to ourselves and others. So it was cool to hear others stories of what they have gone through, what experiences they have in relation to reactions and points that come up and to realize that I'm not alone. And there is no reason for me to exist in such shame for what it is that I experience, yet there is Self Responsibility in stopping and letting go.

It was also supportive in that a lot of points came up within me this weekend - like fear and anxieties and comparisons and reactions - back chat - so here I was supported in seeing this points that are still existing within me - and apply self forgiveness for such reactions/ideas/beliefs and back chats. Because in the end- it's the Mind's attempt to Survive.

So - I am grateful for my weekend in TX - to be around others walking the Same Process as me - being able to communicate with those that are taking Self Responsibility for themselves - participating in real communication and sharing.

Looking forward to the next Meeting - after All - We are the Ones Standing Up to Change this World - so we have Much work ahead of Us.