12 April 2011

Day 10 - Self Direction = Self Satisfying

So today was cool - I was able to spend some more time I have been online - watching vids and working in DIP lessons. Mostly reading. And I have been able to slow myself down with breathing - and direct myself in moments of 'getting things done'. Specifically within the internet point - wanting to watch certain vids and rate them as well, support those that are 'putting themselves out there', catching up on going through my emails. Basically allowing myself to do what needed to be done.

Also, was able to push myself to complete a lesson within Basic Mind Components - as there is a sense of fullfillment - in that I have completed that which needed to be completed, so I am satisfied with myself. There is no sence of  stress, as when I am not directing myself effetively to 'keep up', and simply direct myself through the point.

I see how easily I allow myself to get distracted, like on facebook and with other things, aimlessly wondering the web, this is when I bring myself to a point of 'what am I donig', then a feeling of hopeless/helplessness as I feel 'lost' within myself, which is obvious because there is no Self Direction - only Self being led like a puppet on a string. So once Self Stands up for Self and Direct's Self to do something - then I am satisfied and stable within myself. So cool to experience.

Also, I have been experiencing more 'motivation' lately within myself - to push myself more within my application to be more persistance and consistant with myself, in breathing and writing. More of an 'urgency' or more so like remembering why I am Standing Up for Equality and Equal Money and why I am Here basically - Because this World is unacceptable as it exists, as the Current Money System Exists, as Humans exists - as Systems of atumation and Self INterest. Remembering that Who I am is in need of the Change, as I am able to take Responsibility for myself and Who I am - Realizing this is where we start.

So pushing myself to stay consistant with myself in directing myself within lessons of DIP/SRA, and writing myself out and with my Breath. Because through these means, Self Directing Self, is how we Bring about a Change Best for All - Equality and Oneness - Heaven on Earth. Step by step, breath by breath, we accumulate this into Reality.