11 April 2011

Day 9 - Lead by Example

Talking with my mom today about certain actions of another family member - I saw myself become angry and disgusted. I was annoyed and agitated because of this persons actions and those of other family members that continue to support her in certain actions she takes.

Yet what I realize is that - I have not control over who she is or what she does. Obviously - the power I hold is within myself to ensure who I am and what I do with myself. Yet I also realize that she is reflecting back to me things within myself that I havent yet taken responsibility for. Perhaps certain actions I am still holding against myself and have not fully allowed mysefl to forgive and let go.

Still - the point is simple. The Change I have is within me - and to concern myself with another's way of living and choices in actions is attempting to only avoid taking responsibility for me and also honesty a waste of energy. Because again, I am only in control of myself, who I am, what I do, and all I am able to do is focus on myself. Realizing that I am able to lead by example. Live as I would like to see others Live - this is what it means to Be the Change we want to see in the World.

So perhaps this is more specifically what is required to be realized - that it's not about me changing anyone else, but its about ME Changing Myself - who I am and how I live into that which I desire from others. This is what it means to take responsibility for Self. This is the PRocess of Self Change and Self Purification.