08 April 2011

Day 6 - Get out of your Head

Day 6

And in Self Honesty - I don't want to be 'here', 'writing'.

Ok, that's not Self Honesty really either - yet it has been a long day and I'm ready to go home and go to bed. Yet - I had not completed this responsibility - so here I am.

There is hardly any resistances anymore to this - writing the blog everyday. There is some 'flare up' in back chat when I make the decision to go and write - yet for the most part, it's just a decision then an act.

Yet tonight, specifically - again I was in my head about, "not having anything to write about' - and I guess to be more specific, or seeing it a bit more clearly - I tend to give myself these justifucations and excuses when I am not applying myself within my application effectively throughout my day.

For instances, today I was not breathing much. I was just 'moving along' throughout my day, not really slowing myself down to breathe and be here with myself in self honesty. In this sense I was being 'dishonest' with myself, therefore when it comes to 'face myself' here in my writings, it's just another way I want to justify why I'm not applying myself as much as I know I could be/ can be doing.

Although - it is what I make of it. The point though is to become self honest. And Self Honesty would be to breath and not exisiting in an alternate Reality within my mind - but being on and equal Here as the Physical, as the breath.

So holding myself accountable here - because I do not allow myself to continue exisiting as this - abusing when I know I can be supporting Life. By simply breathing. Every moment - that is Self Honesty and that is how we bring about a Reality that is best for All. Bringing ourselves back to the Equality - Equal here as All Life.