07 April 2011

Day 5 - We Fear in others what We do Ourselves

Day 5

I had an ah ha moment today!

As I was walking to work - there were many people walking around me.

For every person there was - there was a judgment/opinion I had about them in the form of back chat (that voice in the Mind we beleive we are) - I had something to say secretly within my Mind about every person I saw.

I had never seen this so clearly.

Yes - I have seen myself form judgments and opinions within my MInd about others within my enviroment - but for some reason today it was so much more obvious. It was constant - and I was somewhat ashamed of myself for what I was seeing within myself.

And what I realized - one of my biggest fears I have noticed - is fear that others will Judge me - Fear of Judgment.


I do what I fear others will do - this is where the FEAR COMES FROM!

As we are the Origin - Cause - Source - that which WE allow - WE Participate - it's ALWAYS ONLY US.

So what I'm doing to others is what I fear others will do to me - when in actuality - I only fear that because I do in the first place - then that ASSumption comes into play.

We are the ones making as Ass out of ourselves.

Every moment we are reflected back to ourselves Who we Are Actually. It's time for us to take responsibility.