06 April 2011

Day 4 - Self Decides

Day 4

Establishing internet at my new place is slowly but surely moving along. Next week someone should be coming by to put it in.

What I'm finding is that when I'm not 'attentive' to the internet point - specifically with what I do online - things tend to accumulate in a way that becomes overwhelming for me and I am then spending my time going through all that has built up - taking up more time on that then on doing other things that also need my attention.

It's important to deal with things in the moment - as they arise - or else Self tends to find Self in a position of playing catch up.

Also, I am also playing catch up on the videos that have been placed and there is a sense of being 'out of the loop' - as I am at least a week or 2 behind. Yet, I realize this is unnessarry because Self is always Here - and if I am applying myself in the moment, breathing, writing, being Self Honesty, then there is nothing to 'be behind' in. Because I'm Here. The simplicity of being Here..

This is always why I am so grateful for the Desteni Group and what has been shared - and the tools provided, it is allowing me to realize for myself how much I have placed rules on myself on 'how things should be' - believing I have to color within the lines and follow the leader and 'do the right thing' - it's allowing me to realize that the game was written by us - and we are Here to Rewrite what has be written. Because separation and been written and it's a rotten existence - here it's time for Equality and it is through ourselves we Find this Truth.

So reminding myself it's up to Self to Decide who Self is. What Self Does - what Self Is - what Self Stands for what was Self is going to do within this Life that is Here.